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A Link Between Worlds

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Nintendo Introduces Labo Cardboard Gaming

Video games aren't the only thing that you should look at today when it comes to giving your child a great gift.

In an age where kids and teens are getting increasingly hooked to gadgets, Nintendo brings a sigh of relief to tensed parents. Nintendo is known all over the world for its video games and gaming consoles, but now they are bringing something completely new to the market.

Nintendo has released the Labo, which is an innovative gaming system and uses cardboards. Kids have to follow the instructions and take help from the modular handheld device Switch and create mini-games from the cardboards provided in the package. Gaming with cardboard Nintendo Labo is more exciting than you would think.

What Can You Do With Nintendo Labo?

The mini-games that can be created from cardboards have been named as Toy-Cons by Nintendo. You can purchase the barebone kits which come in different categories and prices. The Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit comes for $69.99 and contains two different colored strings, four gaskets made of plastic, multiple yellow stickers to mark your Toy-Cons, two compact pieces of sandpaper, 28 decorated and perforated cardboard pieces and fifteen rubber bands of two different sizes.

The accessories provided in the box will enable kids to make their own fishing rod, remote controlled car, motorbike, house and even a playable piano. All of the toys can be made from the cardboards and the tools without the need of any scissors or glue.

You can also go for higher version of the kits which are a bit more expensive. There is a cardboard kit which you can buy for $79.99. Kids can make a robot suit by assembling the pieces which they can even wear and become a robot themselves. Many such toys can be made from the kits which engage the kids and provide a whole new level of interaction with the toys.

Nintendo has always been known for its innovative approach towards gaming. They have always worked on how players interact with games rather than providing high resolution and online gaming options from Xbox and Playstation. The infrared wireless controllers introduced by the company in 2006 revolutionzed the gaming industry and till date has been sold for more than 100 million times. The Switch also became the hot selling product of Nintendo when it was introduced in 2017.

Labo has the potential to become the top selling product, but we have to wait for some more time to say it definitely. Nintendo with its cardboard gaming has taken the kids back to the old days when they got hands on learning from different toys and objects.

If your kid is looking to do more with their time, you would want to gift him a Nintendo Labo. It is one of the best virtual reality games that you can gift your child. Given the fact that it is aimed to stimulate your child's productivity and imagination apart from letting them have a great time, we are sure you would love it as much as we do!