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Courts in Mario Hoops: 3 on 3

Mario Hoops: 3 On 3 combines old school and Final Fantasy to bring the fans a variety of different courts to play on. Courts generally have their own special features or their own theme, giving players different challenges to overcome while playing basketball.

Here's all of them. These are listed in order as they appear in the game.

Mushroom Tournament
Mario Stadium
The Hard Wood. That's a popular basketball phrase, and that pretty much describes Mario Stadium. This court is straight forward. No gimmicks, no distractions, just straight up basketball.
Koopa Beach
Koopa Beach gives a nice scene to Mario and friends while playing basketball. This court is made of sand with water gradually coming up and going down. There's also a pirate ship that circles around the island and the backboards are made of Green Koopa Shells.
Peach Field
Peach Field can be found on the top of a steep cliff. This court is made of grass with other cliffs in the background and windmills. Peach Field also takes players back to the 8-Bit era in the form of flying Cheep-Cheeps.
Sunset Beach (Unlockable)
Sunset Beach is somewhat similar to Koopa Beach in 1 way: They're both beaches. This court has nice scenery and such with surrounding water.

Sunset Beach is unlocked by playing a game at Koopa Beach between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM while winning by 200 points in exhibition mode.

Flower Tournament
DK Cruiser
DK Cruiser is the home to the DK Characters. This court is also made of wood...but not the hard wood! It's on a giant floating raft made of logs, and the backboards are made of wood as well. This court also has barrels that will roll down it sometimes.
Luigi Mansion
As if we needed another Luigi's Mansion game. Anyways, that's exactly where this court takes place: Inside the mansion. There's a lot of purple here, and there are numerous ghosts that will come down and steal the ball.
Daisy Garden
The home to Daisy, this court is a bit different that others. This court takes it to the street: It is made out of concrete after all. There's also a problem: No hoops here. The solution? Take it to the mouth of Petey Piranha, who'll only let you dunk if he's asleep.
Malboro Garden (Unlockable)
Time for a Final Fantasy themed court. If you've ever played a Final Fantasy game, Malboro is an enemy that breathes poison, and that's exactly what they do on this court. Getting hit with the poison will cause players to become slower and lose the ball.

To unlock this court, a player must dunk 3 times in Daisy Garden and go over a random ? panel until a blue seed appears. Once they seed appears, the player must obtain it and win the game.

Star Tournament
Wario Factory
Wario Factory is solid metal. This court is constantly being raised up by pulleys. There's a lot of different gears in the background as well, and numerous Bomb-Ombs appear on the court which explode. Players can also pick these Bomb-Ombs up and throw them.
Jr. Street
Bowser's Jr.'s Court is like a Vegas paradise on the outside. The court is on the street and has slot machines on the sides of each basket. A Purple Coin can be found on Purple ? blocks which causes the slots to go when a basket is made. Slots can increase the scoring of 1 basket.
Bowser Castle
Of course, Bowser's Castle is somewhere in this game like most other Mario Spin-Offs. This castle has a lot of fire surrounding the court of play. The baskets are old school - remember that axe that held the bridge in Super Mario Bros.? That's what the baskets are. Also, there's some parts of the original Bowser's Castle theme in the music.
Gira Gira Desert (Unlockable)
Gira Gira Desert is a course that's very hard to get and is home to the legendary Cactuar character. The course itself is a desert, though the main feature is that Cactuar can be found here.

This course is unlockable by beating a team by 800 or more points in the Star Tournament with a normal difficulty.

Rainbow Tournament
Sherbet Land
More classic features. But before that, the main point of Sherbet Land: Ice and Snow. There's a ton of it all over, and slipping and sliding will occur. If you've played the original Mario Bros., you'll notice there are Freezies in this court, and they'll freeze other players when touched.
Bloocheep Sea
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, not quite Mario, though on this court, Mario and the gang could be seeing Spongebob and such. This court is entirely underwater with Bloopers and such, and the old school Mario Underwater Theme is here.
Pirate Ship
Not quite a raft like on DK Cruiser, but the Pirate Ship court takes to the sea as well. There's a lot of rain coming down and a lot of obstacles. A giant Blooper will be trying to smack players from the side of the ship, and cannonballs will be shot across the court. The rough weather causes the ship to tilt from left to right.
Rainbow Ship
Rainbow Ship is home to White Mage, Black Mage, and Ninja. In other words, this level is 100% in the theme of Final Fantasy. The Rainbow Ship itself can be found in the the sky with gusts of winds and such. There's backwards ? blocks which are fake and cause the player to lose the ball.