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Mario news and updates


Yay Update?
Posted by Super Mallow


Just another update. I'll make it short and simple.

I had to change my password with Globat. It took 5 days for it to process with Frontpage, so I was restricted from updating. Otherwise, there would be an update earlier, but I wasn't able to.

Outside of that, as many of you already know, Super Mario RPG was released on the Virtual Console 12 days ago. That's really all I have to update on.


Posted by Super Mallow's been another 12 is back and running, and I already have a ton of work. It seems like the first week everyone else I know has an intro class or something, but yet, I've already gotten slammed with 3 papers (and like, they're due this week still), I've already had to read a whole novel (and it was a play to make it worse written in English from 1604), as well as do regular homework and read from our textbooks (yay 90 page chapters?)

Everyone else I know doesn't even have a tenth of my work, literally. I had the same thing last year. I have really, really bad luck apparently. Oh yeah, and don't forget that I had to pay 500$ for a camera for one class that was just added this semester and found out a day before the class started. Oh wait, that's right, I didn't have the money: I spent it on Sml 2 months ago or whenever I renewed it, so now I have to repay people. Which means for the semester I'll probably have to get a job (I work all the time, but never during school - it doesn't work for me that way) further cutting into my time and everything.

X_X. It's been a bad week...

Anyways, because of it, I didn't update earlier than I wanted to. But I have some time right now, so I'm updating. It's a simple quick update: major change at the board, go there if you want to find out.


Back For Good?
Posted by Super Mallow


Well, if we're ever going to recover, we took the first step today.

The Message Board has been fully restored and opened. All the returning sections are back, as well as a new banner, a new section, and some cosmetic changes to make it look better.

I reopened it because a bunch of people were asking for its reopening. I personally don't care too much, but if it indeed open, I'm not letting it flop. Obviously, some members will not be returning, and that's fine. If the board dies, it does.

So, if you're interested in it or were there before and want to join or rejoin, there you go. If not, well, we'll see how it turns out.


The Message Board Turns 2
Posted by Super Mallow


After the site turned 2, it's the Message Board's turn. It was added 6 days after the site was started. It's not nearly as big of a day as 6 days ago, but the board's open once more for the date

Outside of that...well, no real news. It's been really slow nearly everywhere I go. Or at least, that's how it seems.


Mario Legacy Turns 2
Posted by Super Mallow
Aggressively, we all defend the role we play
Regrettably, time's come to send you on your way
We've seen it all, bonfires of trust to flashfloods of pain
It doesn't really matter, don't you worry it'll all work out
No it doesn't even matter, don't you worry what it's all about
We hope you enjoyed your stay
It's good to have you with us, even if it's just for the day
We hope you enjoyed your stay
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain't far away
It's good to have you with us
Even if it's just for the day

» Added: Special Section: Mario Legacy's Second Anniversary


E3 2008 = Wow (Sarcasm, Right?) // Board Reopened
Posted by Super Mallow


This is a shocker: An actual update!

Well, scratch that. There would be an actual update, but if you're were watching Nintendo's E3 press conference, you already know not 1 single thing Mario was shown. In short: The whole press conference was the absolute most disappointing press conference in the history of E3.

So, obviously, there's not really all that much to cover. Or I actually would have 'cause I can still get excited for E3.

We do have some site news, surprisingly. The Message Board is reopened and the link has been re-added to the navigation on the left. However, this is only for a special event. The board will be open for what was one week (it opened yesterday) until next week Tuesday, so 6 more days.

There is something special on Tuesday. Expect an update then. I've told some people what it is, so if you know, just keep a lid on it.


Just Another Update
Posted by Super Mallow


This is going to be a short one...

First off, would like to address some emails I've gotten concerning a new layout/version. I've gotten some people asking me what the new version is going to look like. I suppose that people are thinking that because of no new content, but I can tell you, there is not going to be a version 4 at this time. The thought has never crossed my mind at this point, so I haven't even planned one out.

With over 350+ pages, it would take me months. Making new graphics for each section and just coming up with something new would take forever. If I can't be motivated to take 15 minutes and make a new page, there's no shot I'm going to take so much time to make a new version. So if you were thinking that's why there was no new content, well, I can only tell you that you thought wrong.

Secondly, I've set up an auto-reply for the email. I will still read them all and personally respond if needed, but everyone who sends and email will get an auto-reply anyways.


The Bill Has Come
Posted by Super Mallow


Another update...they are starting to get more distant from one another.

Anyways, no new content whatsoever. I tried again to add a page about 8 different times this week, and again, I failed to even start it. I...just can't do it. No matter how large or small the page is, I cannot get myself to fully dedicate myself to anything involved with the site.

This makes it 4 straight updates with no content. Well, I suppose you can count the Mario Kart Wii sections, but I had those done before we reopened...I haven't made anything since.

I also haven't responded to any emails I've gotten recently. Like the site, I just can't be bothered to answer them. I apologize to the people sending them. I appreciate the mail but I just do not have the heart to sit down and respond to them.

Outside of the usually things, we have some news: I've gotten the bill to host the site for another year. While I do not want to pay it, I know that doesn't sit well with everyone involved. So I'm going to have to try and scrap triple digits together, and that'll be a stretch. I don't want to dip into my college funding I have set aside, but it looks like at this point, I'm going to have to. We'll see shortly enough


Posted by Super Mallow


Just wanted to quickly update for everyone

In Mario news, Super Mario RPG is set for release on the Virtual Console on July 24 in Japan. 2 days away, it's so close.

In site news, nothing was added. I literally tried to start making a small page 10 different times this week, and I just could not motivate myself. My desire is so drained right now, I just could not get myself to make anything new. So unfortunately, no new content.


Mario Kart Wii Sections
Posted by Super Mallow


First content update since the whole incident. Going with some Mario Kart Wii here. Before it, let's just clear up some misunderstandings from the previous update. There seems to be a lot of them, but I suppose that is to be expected.

1. No, those sections aren't coming back. Sorry, they aren't. At least not now.

2. TRP is not something I'm going to reveal. It was probably the best thing that, if implemented, could ever happen to us, but it is no longer a possibility.

3. I don't care if you tell people the site's back up. Total misunderstanding. It's for those who were directly involved with Sml's closure. If not, go ahead, say what to want. It's not like I'm trying to keep it a secret, it's not. The people who were involved know their position, I just don't want help from them anymore. Simple as that.

4. If you have an issue, take it up with me. Please, don't go around commenting about myself or the site without getting word from me first. Completely unfair to the site and myself. And people know I give them every chance to explain themselves, so it's not like I'm asking anything that is major or problematic

I've gotten lots of lovely messages lately, and I know there's some things being said people thought I'd never see. I'm not saying I don't deserve my share of the criticism, nor am I saying that I'm incredibly enthused to be in this situation right now. Just make sure it's fair. That's all I ask.

So, hopefully that clears some things up. If not, take your issues, comments, or questions up with me. I'm always available through email and my messengers (Although if you weren't at the board, it's just email for you) and always respond.

On the positive note, 2 new sections added. Ok, so they're not the biggest of all sections, but they're up. I don't know why, but I'm a bit on a Yoshi's Safari binge right now, so if you see a lot of that content coming soon, don't be surprised.

» Added: Mario Kart Wii Game Information
» Added: Mario Kart Wii Review


Well, Look What We Got Here
Posted by Super Mallow


Surprise, surprise

Anyways, it looks as though we're back up and running. As to why, I don't want to get into it, we just are. Sadly, I don't personally want to even be involved with it, but other people just cannot let old things die for some reason.

There's a few major changes. You'll notice it in the way I update and add content, the attitude and such will be radically different. I'm not going to run into the same situations that have occurred before us. For starters, the following sections have been removed:

» Removed: Comic Series: Super Mario RPG - The Legacy Continues...
» Removed: Messageboard
» Removed: Story Saga: Super Mario Legacy High School
» Removed: Super Fans

Don't count on them coming back either, especially the Messageboard since there's already a duplicate board out there. Another problem we is that 10-12 of the 20-25 sections I had planned will now never reach the site, so that's highly unfortunate. Especially TRP...we don't need to go there

Unfortunately, we're just another information site. Nothing special, nothing more. Kind of killed what we were before, but that's what the people closest to the site apparently wanted. Yahoo...

For those who wanted the site back up: There you go. For those who didn't: Sucks for you. To those actually involved with it's closure: Don't spread the word to anyone, we don't need or want your help.


Posted by Super Mallow


This update is long overdue and I apologize for not updating in over a week. School's out now!

Actually, this update is one of our very few negative updates. For those non-message board members, I'll just make it short: There's been a lot of conflict recently and things have literally gotten out of control. Because of it, a lot of turnover has occurred.

I plan on updating on Saturday (May 10), so check back then.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review
Posted by Super Mallow


Well, the plan wasn't to have this long of a gap in between updates! Actually, there's a reason for that. In the time between updates, I was working on a project I call the Reawakening.

But, as for this site, I managed to write out review for Brawl. It's actually well in depth and some of my person friends enjoyed it, which was new. I will admit to 1 paragraph that was a little bit of a rant on my part. Those who know me will easily identify it, though others will as well.

So, that's it for this update. I am actually updating from my secret fort...which is actually my bed made into a fort that I did 20 minutes ago by draping sheets from the top bunk...

(Don't you just miss the days of being a little kid!??!)

(On a serious note, it is the last week of school, which means finals. I will be taking time off for it)

» Added: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review


Audi Famam Illius
Posted by Super Mallow


This update comes much later than I wanted it to. It wasn't really intended to be 17 days after the other one.

My head problems, in terms of my headaches and migraines and dizziness, have been suppressed for the majority, but they still linger. Since then, and since I'm on constantly new medicine, my mental state has been altered constantly in the last 3 weeks. In short: I currently have no motivation to work on the site.

Had I had the motivation, I probably would have got more done. I'm confident that when my head problems end, which luckily, seems like it will happen soon, I'll regain the motivation to work on the site again. It's just no fun right now with the problems.

With that said, I still should have updated last week saying so, which I did not. So that's on me. In the meantime, there's 3 points of news.

During your visit, please visit the Super Nintendo page. There's a counter on the bottom of it to help with some testing I'm doing. The counter is not accurate, so don't worry too much about the number that you see. I just need to test something.

» Added: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme Lyrics


Introducing Mario Legacy High School!
Posted by Super Mallow

Introducing Mario Legacy High School: A tale of love, hate and everything that is high school.

It's actually ml's own piece of Fan Fiction! The story revolves around the Mario characters in a high school, with some Mario Legacy members thrown in! The story is actually a parody of another story that was done in the same manner. The beginning of the story can be found under Story Saga.

That's the major update for today. Actually, this is the first time that there's been an update in the last 22 days, our biggest drought yet. It was not meant to be that way. For nearly a month now, I've been suffering from a whole lot of problems, including series of intense migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, night terrors, anxiety/panic attacks, sinus colds, ear pressure, and ear aches. It has been a horrible 3-4 weeks, and the worst part it, no doctor has been able to figure out what is wrong so far. I was highly unmotivated to update with the site during the time, so I didn't.

During the times where I was feeling pretty decent, I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, more specifically the members of the Message Board. I have a lot of information for it right now, and  a review should be coming shortly. We're actually having a tournament right now at the Message Board, so that should be fun. One of the things I've planned for the site is to have tournaments, and I can tell you that they will come shortly. Who knows, there may even be actual prizes...

I've caught up on all my emails and everything and am starting to feel a bit better, but there are some times where my head problems flare up. If you contact me and don't get a reply, it's probably because of that! Going through them, I've noticed there is a somewhat peaking interest in the Weekly Top 5. I actually have something to replace it with, but it may come sooner than planned

Everything's caught up and hopefully, a Smash Bros. Review is coming soon!

» Added: 3 Fan Arts
» Added: 2 Fan Comics
» Added: Story Saga - Mario High School
» Added: Mario High School Chapter 1


2 New Super Mario Galaxy Soundtracks!
Posted by Super Mallow


Soundtracks are a rare thing to come to Mario Legacy, but with the news of 1,000,000 page views, it was time to do something special! Super Mario Galaxy was a great game with a great soundtrack, so why not combine them with Sml's top moment so far? 2 Super Mario Galaxy Soundtracks have been added!

There is some other content added, with a featured article that I'm very proud to have written. It's about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which I am in a cycle of excitement for. Sakurai, the creator, spoke about it over the recent Game Developers Conference, which led me to write the article. I think there will be people separated by it: Some will like it (in terms of its validity) and others, most likely those who support Smash Bros. no matter what, will completely disagree about it.

Either way, it's a good read!

We've also had a Comic Series revival. A lot of new comics have been added, including our 50th Episode! At this point, I'd say we are about a fourth through the comic series - I planned to have around 200 comics, and we're right on track!

Comics, Soundtracks, and Articles - It's been a good week!

» Added: Article 5: Sakurai's Loss of Respect
» Added: Super Mario Galaxy Gold Soundtrack
» Added: Super Mario Galaxy Platinum Soundtrack


1,000,000 Page Views!
Posted by Super Mallow

We're at our first, first major landmark for the site: 1,000,000 Total Page Views!

Here's the breakdown: We've had about 180,000 page views in 2008. We averaged about 60,000 views a month in 2007, giving us about 720,000. However, the last few months of 2007, our averaged increased, and we finished with about 790,000 views. That's 888,000 views alone. We averaged about 500 views per day the last 4 month of 2006, giving us 10,000 views a month. That's about 1,010,000 views in total, or the equivalent of 5 days over. Of course, those are estimated numbers, we're a bit higher than that.

I waited with this update until I was 100% of the numbers, rates. My webstats skewer occasionally and the stats go blank after they've already been recorded, so I take the lowest number of the month and apply it through (I have made topics on Sml's forums with the numbers for reference). The actual number is higher than 1,000,000!

So it's a great landmark for us! I'll make today the official 1,000,000 page view day because I don't know the actual day. That means we've been on the web for 579 days since July 22, 2006. Pretty good considering I've never advertised the site and the fact we only have 2 allies!

That means our total page view average for 1,000,000 is approximately 1730 views per day. That's spot on with the statistics - we averaged 500-750 the first few months, about 1500-1700 the other months, and over 2500 in current time. Average out 700, 1500, and 2500, and you get 1563 page views per day - but like I said earlier, the total views are higher, so 1730 is very, very accurate with these rounded estimations.

This is a day I will remember, and I will remember it as the day we can say "we made it." And I use "we" because it really is a group effort combined of myself and the fans. And I thank them for the opportunities they've given us, and I hope that they will continue to watch us through the great times and through the miserable times.


Posted by Super Mallow


I think 13 days is the longest we've been without an update. I had too much going on at Smrpglegacy with all the Brawl rumors and such, so I didn't really post anything here!

I am wondering though if people would like a Podcast. As a Telecommunications student, I have full access to recording equipment, as well as a soundproof booth and materials. I've already used it, so I know how to record a Podcast and put it in .Mp3 formation.

The Message Board members weren't that fond of the idea, so I would like to know if a lot of people are. Let me know if it's a good idea or a bad idea.

Other than the podcast, no real news or content right now. I finally remembered what I added and never reported - I added all the Victor's names to their respective Game Challenge pages! I've decided that after February, I will no longer add them month by month, I'll just add them as they come in!

» Added: Character Profiles - Bow


Fan Works, New Area Profile, And Some News
Posted by Super Mallow


I tried to get this update up earlier, but was unable to. Server work, not so much fun.

Anyways, we've received some new Fan pieces! Always good to see those. There has been a concern though: The Fan Art page is getting large. Yes, that's a good thing, but people are not liking that their piece merely gets listed in a giant list.

That's an obvious flaw of the system. I'm thinking of giving each person their own gallery, I just have to see how that would work. I would do that for the other Fan sections as well.

Other than the Fan Works, not a whole lot has been added. Kkslider of the Message Board asked for some specific Area Profiles and Character Profiles, so I did one for him. That's posted in the list at the end of the update. He's a mega Paper Mario fan, so it's a pretty safe bet that the new profile is a location in the game.

Or is it? No, really, it is! You'll just have to scroll down to see what it is. Yes, I'm using the element of suspense even though it's a few lines down.

And now for the news: Check back on Friday. I'll be posting some very big news for those who have doubted the site, wanted Geno in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc. It's been getting ripped to shreds by some fans at other boards, but I think they'll like the update that'll be posted.

» Added: Area Profiles - Shiver City
» Added: 4 Fan Arts


Face the Music
Posted by Super Mallow


I can't start the update without saying this first: *Smrpg's Sad Song Plays*

Allright, time to come forward and take the heat about our Brawl Report. In short: It was wrong, as of this time.

Let's going into that further. While I was going to post a second part to it, I decided not to because we all knew all the leaks were coming this week. I figured there's no point, we'll find out everything then. Although, at this point, I could've told you guys 2 weeks ago that Square-Enix would not be involved with Brawl.

The second part of the Brawl report was going to basically say that we had a false source. One of my sources was a leaker, and it was my strongest source. He told me (I will not use his name for obvious reasons) that there had been proposed movesets for Geno as a playable character, as well as a Mario RPG stage, though I never learned what this supposed stage was. I was also told that Yoko Shimomura would be arranging the music, just as it was done for Super Mario RPG. The last thing I learned was that Mallow was on the verge of being an Assist Trophy.

Obviously, that is not the case anymore - the leaker had information and it served as a bad tip for us. For those who haven't been following the leaks, Geno is not going to be a playable character, nor is anyone from Square-Enix. We will never know 100% for sure until the game is officially released, but based on all the credible leakers out there, all their predictions were correct, so they had inside sources. ChaosZero, a reliable leaker, has stated today that Geno will not be in Brawl, so we base this update on the correctness of that statement.

I will say that the leaker who gave us this information was correct in a few other things, mainly Yoshi's Final Smash, Stickers, and Mario's moves. So I took him as credible, because all came true, much before the Brawl Report was released here. I call it how I see it, so I reported what I had uncovered.

It sounded good until now, because we know none of that will be happening, according to those who already have the game. Is it possible? I suppose, but in reality, it's not happening.

It's like what I said on September 24, 2007: If I was wrong, I'd tell you guys!


Super Mario Galaxy Review
Posted by Super Mallow


It's been 11 days since the last update. I didn't expect it to be that long but I was having some issues with Windows Vista and was not able to use a lot of its functionality.

Anyways, as promised, a Super Mario Galaxy Review has been added! I believe that it is the most in-depth/well written review that I've ever completed, so I hope a lot of people will enjoy reading it, despite the fact that many people have read multiple reviews on it before.

The second part of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl report is delayed, I haven't had a chance to really work on it. Since it's been delayed until March 9, I can afford to wait with it a bit, though I know a lot of people are looking forward to reading it.

Lastly, I appreciate all the new pieces of fan pieces! We were in real need of some new pieces, so it was good to get some new stuff. We're having quite the list in the Fan Art section, so I'm thinking about giving everyone their own page to serve as a gallery. It's something to be seen in the future, so right now it will remain as a giant list.

In the meantime, we still could use Fan Art and Fan Comics. It would be great if we can get some more submissions for all of the categories.

Overall, there wasn't a whole lot of content added, but there's a few new things here and there.

» Added: 7 Fan Arts
» Added: Mario Party 5 Review
» Added: Super Mario Galaxy Review


A New 107 Track Soundtrack! Another Super Smash Bros. Brawl Report!
Posted by Super Mallow


The first update of 2008. It's a bit delayed - I actually updated 2 or 3 days ago, but server work caused it to not go through. There's something that Super Smash Bros. Brawl fans will want to read at the end of it, so it's good to read the whole thing this time!

Thanks to Iwelyk, a moderator at the Message Board, we have a new Soundtrack available for dialogue! Iwelyk actually didn't do anything with the soundtrack, he just kind of bothered me for like, 2 weeks about it, so I finally uploaded it and everything. Are you happy now Iwelyk?

What soundtrack is it? It's the entire 107 song Super Mario World Soundtrack! Iwelyk couldn't find it anywhere, so I guess it's kind of rare, but that's not my call to make

So that's the big thing for this update. With Super Mario Galaxy out and everything, I was hoping people would submit some fan reviews. There's also been some confusion on it; I received an email from someone who wanted to write one but said there's a Fan Review already done on it. That's no problem - if someone's reviewed a game, anyone can still review that game. There can be more than 1 Fan Review for 1 specific game, so don't worry about that.

We're also kind of dead in our Fan Art and Fan Comic sections. We haven't received a submission in a little while, and we're hoping to bring that up to speed.

I've also received a lot of questions on what coverage we'll have on Super Mario Galaxy. Well, that's a good question. Believe it or not, and yes, this is coming from me, the apparent-I-hate-new-Mario-games person (That's another story from the Message Board), I want to add a ton of Super Mario Galaxy content because I loved the game. At the same time, I do not want to add a lot because if I do, I will not be able to work on it anymore in the future!

So, it's a so called Catch 22. I have a lot of good sections planned for it, but I just don't know when I'll add it. I do know that a Review will be coming very, very soon for it, most likely the next update. That I can do. I've also considered writing a 10-Part Article Series that would deal with it, but after posing the question to Message Board members, it seems like no one would really care for it.

In other site related news (Can you believe how long this update is? Must be a record), the week long Comic Series marathon has been completed! It really sparked the series in terms of fan viewership, though some people are still skeptical since they read the first few comics, don't understand them, and quit. That's something I may go back and fix.

And now the news that people probably skipped down to read: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As most of the visitors know, or the reason why most of them came in the first place, Mario Legacy published the Brawl Report, indicating our belief that Square-Enix and Brawl are interlinked. Well, there's a part 2 coming to it. I think a lot of people will want to read it, and I will try to put it up this week, so check back often!

And now, after all the text, the part everyone really wants to see, the list of content!

» Added: Super Mario World Soundtrack
» Added: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Levels
» Added: Super Smash Bros. Stages


Super Mario Galaxy Info
Posted by Super Mallow


After a couple up and down months, content is starting to come back!

The first thing that was added was 6 new Game Challenges! There's now multiple challenges for systems up through Nintendo 64. I still have not added those names who completed challenges and emailed me, and that's because my laptop was replaced and I no longer have the names! If you completed challenges and emailed me before, please email me again! The first batch of names will probably be put up at the end of January - we need more challenges to get more people to participate at this point.

Other than that, we have another thing happening: The Week Long Comic Marathon! In the upcoming week, 1 new comic will be put up everyday for the next 7 days starting tomorrow. For those who are new to the Comic Series, let me give a brief overview: The series is about the members at the Message Board. Originally they were made just for some fun, though now, they have an actual storyline and it's an actual series. The first few comics will make no sense and will leave people confused, but if you continue to read later comics, you'll see the actual storyline within them!

Other than the 2 things mentioned, some new game info has been added. There hasn't been too much added, but I hope that'll change soon!

» Added: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Game Information
» Added: Super Mario Galaxy GameInformation
» Added: Super Mario Galaxy Hidden Message

Merry Christmas
Posted by Super Mallow


Well, how about it? 2 updates in 2 days, must be a new record!

Just posting that I'm back up and running. I can now receive/respond to emails again and all the fun jazz - If you sent an email to me over the last week or so, you should be receiving a response soon!

I also wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or any other holiday that you celebrate. Enjoy the presents!

Up and Running
Posted by Super Mallow


After a long week and a half, the updates are back!

I ended up getting a new computer since I got a full refund for my old defective one. I'm currently running Windows Vista on an Apple laptop - it works real well.

Because of this, everything was lost. No, just kidding, everything's on an outside source in which I have not done a file transfer. The downside, however, is that I no longer have the web program I normally use to create the site with!

I'm actually updating on a free trial of Microsoft's new program, Expression Web. It's like Frontpage 2007, which is good since I normally use Frontpage 2003. This is a temporary fix until I either get my Frontpage 2003 disc or if I buy Expression Web...which costs a lot of money which I don't have.

So, in the meantime and between time (...), I'll be trying out this program and see if I can make pages as I did in 2003. This may delay some content for a while, but I'm getting use to a new program, a new computer with a third party keyboard (Since I'm using Windows with an Apple Keyboard), and a new operating system.

Posted by Super Mallow


Just a quick update here, more of a personal one.

My computer has completely busted and I'll be taking it in shortly after this update. This will leave me unable to do any work or update the site.

With that, I'll be unable to receive email or respond to any email I get. If you need to contact me, head on over to the Message Board - I'll still be active there.

If there is any Super Mario RPG Ds or Geno in Super Smash Bros. Brawl news, I'll will post it there!


Rumor Revisions
Posted by Super Mallow


Well, I got a bit cocky in the last update, maybe because I was just a bit overhyped over the rumor! I apologize for that, I know a lot of people took it the wrong way.

Geno Rumored In Brawl
Posted by Super Mallow


This rumor couldn't come with more perfect timing!

With the rumor of a Super Mario RPG Ds sequel, which Nintendo has not denied after I questioned them, there's another rumor floating around. Apparently, Geno will be confirmed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week...and some are speculating tomorrow.

This news comes as a bit of a shock...why would someone know it before it's posted? The sources that I've seen may be good or bad, I do not know their credibility.

If you remember, a certain someone named Super Mallow on a certain site called Mario Legacy reported that Square-Enix might be involved in Brawl. Remember the Brawl Report?

But before anyone get carried away, remember, it's just a rumor. I still stand by my report, but that doesn't mean it'll come true this week. It's all speculation


Super Mario RPG DS Rumored!!!
Posted by Super Mallow


That's right: Super Mario RPG Ds has just been rumored. It was rumored in a French magazine.

I will be reporting everything I find out.

Maybe our 4.5 years of work will finally be vindicated!


Minor Update
Posted by Super Mallow


It's been 14 days since the last update. I meant to update earlier, but I just didn't get around to doing it!

Not much is new. I have not added any Game Challenges, and I haven't added any new pages. I only get 2 days for Thanksgiving Break over here, so I don't have a lot of time to do all this stuff - nothing like a 6-page group final project over break to bring your spirits up.

(Dot Dot Dot)

Anyways, there's 2 new things added....they were actually up before the last update, but I forgot to include them!

» Added: Area Profiles - Grass Land
» Added: Super Mario RPG Walkthrough


Introducing Game Challenges
Posted by Super Mallow

Mario Legacy introduces something new: Game Challenges. What are game challenges? They're exactly as the name says - a list of challenges for players to complete, all related to Mario. Time to step it up!

After completing a challenge, anyone can get their name as a Victor under that challenge. There's also Hall of Fame challenges, which are the hardest challenges out there. Challenges will be added constantly, and a player can complete as many as possible.

We hope to get a lot of fan-site participation with this, so please check it out! A lot of these challenges you may have already done, so that makes it that much easier.

Other than Game Challenges, I went on another Wallpaper rampage. Wallpapers were added for a few games, though in all honesty, not a whole lot of actual game information was added.


Amazing Brawl Update!
Posted by Super Mallow


There's been an amazing Brawl update today. If you check the site, most of you'll think I'm talking about the Stage Editor.

Well, I'm not. I'm talking about...

Bramble Blast!

That's what I'm talking about. For those who don't know, I consider Stickerbrush Symphony, or Brambles/Bramble Blast to be the greatest composed song in gaming history. Composed by Dave Wise, in was in Donkey Kong Country 2.

What does this update have to with Mario? Nothing. And how is it useful? It isn't! I just wanted to throw it out there....besides, it was time for an update anyways!


Some Fan Works
Posted by Super Mallow


It's been a little bit longer of a gap between updates than I anticipated, so I apologize for that.

Anyways, I'll be a bit distant from the site for the next couple days, which also means the Message Board. I suffered a high-intensity Migraine yesterday, and I guess if someone gets their first Migraine at my age, it's very bad. Anyways, I can't play sports, and I'm not even suppose to be on the computer - but my medicines so strong right now that I managed to get on for a few minutes.

Right now, there's a poll at the Message Board that's about a new section to the site. I'm thinking about bringing one of the sections in the poll to the site, so that may happen. So if you want to be heard, join up and vote.

In the meantime, we've had a few pieces added...

» Added: 1 Fan Comic


A Slightly Smaller Update
Posted by Super Mallow


Hopefully everyone wasn't expecting another 88 items to be added! We've got a slightly smaller update this time!

Of course, I let that last update run a little bit longer than normal since it was so big. We've gotten a lot of positive reception with our Brawl report, but with that, a lot of disbelievers have let themselves been known. Just a matter of opinion.

Before the site news, some Mario news: Because I have not updated the actual Mario News page in forever, I'll just say it here: Super Mario Bros. 2 has been put on the Virtual Console. But, it's not necessarily the version you think it is! It's actually the Japanese version, more commonly known as Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

I hear it's a limited download in terms of the time frame it can be downloaded in. I don't know how true it is, but if that's the case, make sure to download it quick!

Anyways, in this update, we got some new Links and Fan Works! Actually, we're really, really looking for some help in the Fan Reviews section! Just because a game is listed there does not mean we do not need another review for it - we really need to get some!

And before the list...I'm expecting something major to check back constantly in the next few days...

» Added: 2 Fan Arts
» Added: Mario Paint Totaka's Song


Exclusive Super Smash Bros. Brawl News; Massive Update!
Posted by Super Mallow

Well, it's here. The exclusive Super Smash Bros. News that I've promised a few and the massive update.

Let's start with the news: I've done some journalism and have reported something no other site has reported. It regards Super Smash Bros. Brawl - a link to the page will be in the list below. It's quite big, so make sure you check it out.

Other than that 3 games have been added to their pages; Donkey Kong / Yoshi added to the Nes page and Dr. Mario 64 added to the N64 page. Oh, and just a casual 18 pages/content pieces added as reading this Hisak?

(For those who don't know, Hisak is a member of the message board who did not believe this was coming!)

» Added: Area Profiles - Flipside
» Added: Article 4: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Not Yet!
» Added: Dr. Mario 64 Game Information
» Added: 17 Fan Arts
» Added: 5 Fan Comics
» Added: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Game Information
» Added: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Game Information
» Added: Mario Golf (GBC) Game Information
» Added: Mario Golf (N64) Game Information
» Added: Mario Golf: Advance Tour Game Information
» Added: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Game Information
» Added: Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 Game Information
» Added: Mario Kart 64 Game Information
» Added: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Game Information
» Added: Mario Kart DS Game Information
» Added: Mario Kart: Super Circuit Game Information
» Added: Mario Paint Game Information
» Added: Mario Party Game Information
» Added: Mario Party 2 Game Information
» Added: Mario Party 3 Game Information
» Added: Mario Party 4 GameInformation
» Added: Mario Party 5 GameInformation
» Added: Mario Party 6 Game Information
» Added: Mario Party 7 Game Information
» Added: Mario Party 8 GameInformation
» Added: Mario Party Advance Game Information


Massive Update Delay
Posted by Super Mallow


I told you the massive update is coming, and it still is. It's been delayed.

If you're new here, this seems to happen to me too many times! This time, it's legit though. Saturday morning I was working on the site, and they started to do server work at 12:00 in the afternoon. I just got access to editing the site this morning.

Obviously, the whole day of Saturday was lost, as Sunday. I wanted to get the update done this Sunday because I have exams all this week for school. Actually, in about 20 minutes after this is posted, I'll be at one!

So, it's coming. I expect it to be near the end of the week.


Fan Works!
Posted by Super Mallow


This week's update isn't a whole lot in terms of content I made, but it is in terms of content the fans made! We've got a ton of new fan works for you guys today, including pieces from the Fan Art section and Fan Comics section!

But before we get to the list, there needs to be something said: If everything goes to plan, Sunday will have an update. This update will be the largest ever, and possible will remain the largest update. And a lot more Fan Works will be added then as well!

So, check back then. No promises, but I have everything all set for it. I'm hoping to finish it buy 8:00 on Sunday, but it may be later. Who knows though, it may just come sooner, so keep coming back throughout the week, you never know if and when it'll happen

So in mean time and between time (Yes, I just a lyric from a song...), here's some content to fill you over

» Added: 14 Fan Arts
» Added: 8 Fan Comics


Not Just Characters...
Posted by Super Mallow


It's been 10 days, and I actually thought it would be longer for an update to come!

Well, college has started. It's not bad here, but of course, if it were possible I wouldn't be taking any classes! Got to though, school's important.

With that said, and mentioned in previous updates, content will be more scarce, or at least more spread out. I don't have any consoles here (though I will soon!), though Mario Golf: Advance Tour is helping me out right now!

No Fan Works this update. We've had some submissions due to a very nice author, but unfortunately, we can't figure how to get them to work right now! Once we do, they'll be posted very soon. The Sm's Journal page has also been removed

As far as content, a few nice pages have been added. A new section, Area Profiles, has joined the site as a sister page to Character Profiles! Also, there's a giant enemies list in this update, and for the first time in a long time, I had to go back and do a lot of spiriting.

Time for the list...

» Added: Area Profiles
» Added: Area Profiles - Forest Maze
» Added: Mario Golf (N64) Review
» Added: Super Mario World Enemies


Quick Update
Posted by Super Mallow


Not a whole lot of content in today's update. Truth is, I've written some, but I'm saving it for right now. Why? Well, this week was all about preparing for college, and college starts next week. I do not know how much I'll be able to do in the near future, so I'm not adding it all right now.

The content will come, but it will be more spread out. College will take a lot of time, so I do not know how the site will progress. I'm not even there yet and I'm already looking forward to the holiday breaks!

Anyways, we've had a lot of new Fan Works, as well as some new sites we've become partners with!

» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: 2 Fan Comics


Contest 5 & More Fan Works!
Posted by Super Mallow


It's been a little bit too long since the last update. Truth is, the Message Board has become more of a major focus.

Why? Because we just started our 5th Contest! It's a Trivia and a Music contest, and it's long awaited by the members.

We've also received a lot of Fan Works, which is always great to see! Our Fan Comics section is slowly starting to catch up to our other sections.

I haven't added one page of content otherwise. Too busy, though I plan to do something in the next week to make up for it...

» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: 5 Fan Comics


100 Fan Works!
Posted by Super Mallow

Today, Mario Legacy reached one of our milestones we hope to improve on: 100 pieces of Fan Works. While we mainly focus on a site for game info, one of our biggest goals is to create a large community and to give fans a chance to show their stuff.

Really, we can't have a successful site without the fan's support. We don't get a whole lot of visitors, but those who do come support us a great deal and we truly thank you for that.

Anyways, let's get down to the site. I hope everyone enjoyed the First Anniversary special, as well as the comic that went with it. It's a big step for us reaching one full year on the Internet. Not many sites can successfully say that in their history

Content wise, we have a good sized update here. I've added some different pieces for different games. There's just not a whole lot to say other than that!

» Added: Character Profiles - Rawk Hawk
» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: 1 Fan Comic
» Added: Mario Kart: Super Circuit Review
» Added: Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color) Review
» Added: Super Mario World Levels
» Added: Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing Live! Soundtrack


Mario Legacy's First Anniversary!
Posted by Super Mallow

July 22, 2006: The day Mario Legacy was started. It's been a wonderful year, and we're still going strong.

I wanted to make this the largest content update ever, but a concussion from hockey and playoffs prevented that from happening. I did have time to add some content though.

Anyways, I'm going to get straight to the list! All of the E3 content will be in there!

» Added: Character Profiles - Koops
» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: 1 Fan Comic
» Added: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Enemies


Reviews, Screenshots, Wallpapers Info and More!
Posted by Super Mallow
Got a lot of stuff for everyone this week! A few new reviews, a soundtrack, a comic, and some images.

But before we get to the list, what else is new? There hasn't been a lot of Mario news lately, which is unfortunate. It's just been a little slow lately

The Message Board took a big hit with the loss of our moderator Starry - she'll be back, just not for a long while. Other than that, a few old members returned, and that's nice to see. It's been very up and down lately.

Anyways, there's not a whole lot of news towards the site. We did get our first link from a site that's in another language, and a lot of obscure Mario games now have a bit of content. I went back and found my collection of screenshots to numerous Mario games and I plan to upload those slowly over the next little while.

And believe it or not, our Fan Art section is our most popular page. So if you want your work seen, that's a great platform to show it on!

And with that, let's go to the list!

» Added: Character Profiles - Mr. L
» Added: Dr. Mario Game Information
» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Bosses
» Added: Mario Kart 64 Soundtrack
» Added: Mario Paint Letter Effects
» Added: Super Mario 64 Ds Review
» Added: Super Mario 64 Levels / Power Star Checklist
» Added: Weekly Top 5: The Top 5 Mario RPG Items
» Added: Yoshi's Island DS Review


Super Paper Mario Catch Cards
Posted by Super Mallow
It has been a little while since the last update, which is entirely my fault. Some things have happened, but I don't use that as an excuse.

I haven't added a lot of content, I just haven't had time to write anything. A lot of members at the Message Board have been requesting a resurgence of the Weekly Top 5. And of course, they also want the Comic Series to be active.

We do have some good news though: The Fan Art section has a new piece! We are asking for help though... we really need some Fan Reviews. If you've reviewed a Mario title and want your review posted, please submit it!

» Added: 1 Fan Art
» Added: Super Paper Mario Catch Cards


Finally, Some Content!
Posted by Super Mallow
Finally, time for some content. And not just for Mario Legacy, there's a huge update coming!

Anyways, let's get to some news and notes. The Comic Series has finally gotten a new episode done, properly titled "Idk, My Bff Jill?". We all know the joke, but if you go to the Message Board, you'll have a ball with it.

Speaking of the Message Board, we just reached 20,000 posts!

As for our content, it's not much. Work was a killer - on Monday I racked up 13 hours and on Thursday I had 12. Good news? I sold a car, my first one!

» Added: Super Smash Bros. Melee Items


And...We're Back!
Posted by Super Mallow
Well, we've been gone for a little bit. Not the site itself, but I have been gone.

It's a real short story actually. I work 46 hours a week (including a day off, that's how heavy my schedule is) and my computer broke - the screen's backlight burned out

I got it back and am now posting this.

With this new work responsibility comes much less content. However, I'm willing to sacrifice my break time at work and start adding content there, because I've set such a high standard and do not want to degrade the site to a lower standard. I can't promise anything though

In the mean time, I'll be responding to all my emails. We've had some new submissions of content, and they are now up!

» Added: 1 Fan Art


Nintendo 64
Posted by Super Mallow
It's been 11 days since the last update. I've been very busy. I actually planned an update sooner, but with my computer screen breaking, was not able to put it up.

Anyways, for the site. A lot of new sections within the Nintendo 64 section have been added - every game for the Nintendo 64 now has at least 1 page of content.

Also, we're trying to make some more of the Comic Series. It's been a little down lately, and we hope that we can bring it back up. Please pay a visit to it!

I haven't added any new wallpapers in a while, but I plan to do so. I got some new ones I've made, I'm just being a bit lazy and not putting them up.

I still haven't added those few new things to the nav bar. I've already made the pages, and at least 1 will be up within the next month. I have also decided on a new section under Miscellaneous Mario, and that should be a fun section as well. I do not know when I will put that up.

And lastly, we have a new section on the navigation menu called "Willy Goat's Polls." If you were here earlier and remember the question about the shower, this is a continuation like question of randomness (Although that was actually a question thought up of by 4 different people). I do not create these, these are all done by my friend "Willy Goat," so answer them for him!

Blame him, not me =

» Added: Mario Golf Characters
» Added: Mario Tennis Characters
» Added: Super Mario Bros. 3 Koopa Kids
» Added: Super Mario Kart Review
» Added: Super Smash Bros. Items


4 Years Coming To An End...
Posted by Super Mallow
This is it. The last, last week of high school. 3 more days left and I'm completely done. With that comes my time, so there isn't a whole lot of new stuff in this update.

» Added: Article 3: A Few Too Many Mario Party Games


Let the Floodgates Open...
Posted by Super Mallow

I have not been doing such a great job of updating, and I apologize for that. 8 more days of school (School days, not 8 total days) and that should change!

Anyways, this is just a basic content update. Not a whole lot of Mario news to report either. All I can say is this: I finished Super Paper Mario and have a ton of sections I will do.

The only new thing to report is that I've re-entered us in the Forgotten Memories Topsites. Also, I've joined the Oritsuru Topsites as well!

In the meantime, here's some new things to look at!

» Added: Character Profiles - Goombario
» Added: Character Profiles - Mallow
» Added: Mario & Luigi Items
» Added: Super Paper Mario Review


Episode 27!
Posted by Super Mallow

Well, another small update with no real content added. It has been such a busy time for me, so much so that I cant' remember another 2 week span like it!

Anyways, hopefully some more people have gotten Super Paper Mario. I still have yet to complete it, though I'm getting close! I'm really hoping to complete it by next week.

The contest at the Message Board has been slowed, and that's taken the air out of the board recently. The site itself has been fine, and we're now on a solid traffic base.


Some Fan Works, And Some Comics
Posted by Super Mallow

It's been a little while, hasn't it?

First off, I got to talk about Super Paper Mario. I haven't played a game like I'm playing it now in years. If you have a Wii, I highly recommend it, it's a tremendous game with so much classical influence.

Next, how about the Message Board? We've started our 4th contest - Super Mario Trivia. We're only slightly in it, and if we get a bunch of people joining, we'll find something to even it up.

So, how about the site now? I didn't add a whole lot of content, it's been one of the busiest weeks I've had in years. But I did go nuts with the comics, and I have all the way up through episode 31 done.

Of course, they aren't all up =P

Anyways, we're recovering still right now. We've actually made some nice headway, but we're not near where we were.

Time for the list...

» Added: Article 2: Super Paper Mario First Impressions


Serenade of Light
Posted by Super Mallow

Serenade of Light: A whole lot of Super Mario Bros. 3 with some dark and light colors. Orange, Green, Blue, the new style of Mario Legacy.

I wanted to stay with the last layout (Elemental Desires) longer, but after messing around with a new layout for fun, I went nuts with the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme and decided to actually go through with it.

And of course, the Angry Sun is in there. Really, who doesn't love the Angry Sun?!?

First off, I need to thank Masamune of GameHiker. He helped so much with it, especially going out of his way to redo Elemental Desire's main page.

Anyways, we're back. Last night I worked on this from 7:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 in the morning, getting it ready for today. There's a very high chance of errors though, because I put this together faster than I normally do.

I'd love to know what you think of it, good or bad.

In the meantime, 2 new Mario games were announced: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for both the DS and Wii. Big news that the 2 are getting together. Hopefully this'll propel Sonic into Brawl!

The Message Board has been a bit down, naturally. We're looking to get back on track, so please, join today and post!

And now, the big list of what's been added. I think we got a record here...

» Added: Article 1: Mario & Sonic, Together at Last!
» Added: Mario & Luigi Armor
» Added: Paper Mario Quizmo's Quizzes
» Added: Paper Mario Review
» Added: Super Mario 64 Soundtrack
» Added: Super Mario RPG Main Characters
» Added: Super Mario RPG Secrets