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The Koopalings

One of the things that made Super Mario Bros. 3 great was the Koopalings. Each one of them gave a little bit of a different feel in the game. Today, they're still some of the most popular characters in the Mario series.

This list is in order of appearance!

Name Image Description
Larry Koopa Larry Koopa Larry is the first Koopa Kid to fight. He guards Grass Land. He doesn't feature anything special except for shooting a couple of rings at Mario. Larry is the easiest Koopa Kid to take down in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Morton Jr. Koopa Morton Jr. Koopa Morton Jr. is one of the heavyweights. His monstrous size can cause some trouble to Mario - when he jumps and lands, he causes the ground to shake, leaving Mario temporarily paralyzed with fear. Morton Jr. protects Desert Hill.
Wendy O'Koopa Wendy O'Koopa Wendy is the only female Koopa Kid. She's the daughter of Bowser, and she protects Sea Side. Wendy has the ability to send out red and white rings at Mario. They continuously bounce of the walls, making her a harder opponent.
Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa Iggy has the coolest name of all the Koopas. Iggy is found in the castle at Big Island. He's very much like Larry, except he's just a tad harder. Iggy features an area that is highly uneven, working to his advantage.
Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Roy, like Morton Jr., is another heavyweight and can give Mario some problems. Dressed up in his pink outfit, Roy is slightly more difficult than Morton Jr., and he can also make the ground shake. Roy is foun in The Sky.
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa Lemmy is a fun, but somewhat hard, Koopa Kid. He is found in Iced Land at the end of the world. Lemmy doesn't walk, but instead, rolls on a ball. After every hit he likes to release another one, just as Wendy does with her rings.
Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig is the odd Koopa Kid out. He's the last one and is found in Pipe Maze. Ludwig looks and seems small, but he has the same abilities as Roy and Morton Jr. - he can make the ground shake. However, Ludwig can move a bit faster.