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Enemies of Super Mario World

With all kinds of levels and exits, Super Mario World features a lot of different enemies. From Koopas to Boos and beyond, there's all kinds of different enemies found throughout Dinosaur Land.

Name Picture Point Value Description
Amazin' Flying Hammer Brother 200 These guys are found on blocks with wings. They float back and forth and throw hammers at Mario.
Ball 'N' Chain --- Not so much enemies, Ball 'N' Chains are pieces of rotating metal with spike on the end of them.
Banzai Bill 200 These are simply giant Bullet Bills. No one knows where they are shot out from, and they can sometimes be ducked under.
Big Steely --- During the Bowser battle, he'll drop these enemies. They're nothing more than big, metal rolling balls
Blaarg --- Blaargs are found in levels with lava. They are dragon like enemies that come up from the lava when Mario is on a skull platform.
Blurp 200 Blurps are green fishes found in underwater levels. They'll only swim in one direction.
Bob-omb 200 Walking bombs...jump on them and they'll detonate - wait too long and they'll explode automatically.
Bony Beetle 200 Bony Beetles walk on the ground and are relatively weak. Sometimes, they'll stop and retreat back in their shell and cover themselves in spikes.
Boo Buddies --- Boo Buddies are the standard ghosts and patrol the Ghost Houses found all over the world. They can come in circular patterns.
Bowser Statue   Bowser Statues come in two different kinds: Gold and Grey. The grey ones shoot out lasers when approached while the gold statues hop around.
Bullet Bill 200 Bullet Bills are enemies we've all seen since the original Super Mario Bros. They fly in straight lines and are shot out of Bill Blasters!
Buzzy Beetle 200 Buzzy Beetles are small enemies with a hard shell. They climb up walls and can retreat into their shell and be kicked around like Koopas.
Chainsaw --- Chainsaws are enemies that move along a certain path. With the feather, Mario can propel himself off them.
Chargin' Chuck 2000 Are you ready for some football? Popular slogans aside, Chargin' Chucks are football players. They tackle, throw baseballs, and kick footballs.
Cheep Cheep 200 Cheep Cheeps are found in levels with water. They float along waiting for Mario to fall in, and sometimes they bounce in and out of water.
Dino-Rhino 200 Dino-Rhinos are enemies that first appear on Super Mario World. They patrol the ground and spit fire.
Dino-Torch 200 Dino-Torches are little, tiny Dino-Rhinos. They spit fire upwards and are weaker than their counterparts.
Dry Bones 200 The skeletons of Koopas, Dry Bones will patrol the ground and throw bones at Mario. When jumped on, they collapse and come back to life.
Eeries --- Eeries are like Boos, but they don't follow Mario around. They fly around in straight lines.
Fishbone --- Fishbones are the Dry Bones water. They'll swim straight and aren't a huge threat.
Fishin' Boo --- Not quite regular Boos, these guys carry a blue flame around to damage Mario while following him.
Fishin' Lakitu 200 Fishin' Lakitus are friends and enemies. They float around with a fishing pole that can have good or bad things attached to it.
Floating Mine --- Floating Mines are found in levels with water. They just float down the river, hurting anything that touches them.
Flying Goomba 200 Flying Goombas are simply Goombas with wings. They don't actually fly, they just jump around.
Fuzzy --- Fuzzys are little black creatures that can be highly annoying. They follow set paths and get in the way of moving platforms.
Goomba 200 Goombas are the standard enemies. Simply jump on them to destroy them or jump over them to avoid them.
Grinder --- Grinders are metal spikes that move along the ground or a set path. They move quickly and will cut anything in their way.
Hothead --- Hotheads are giant Lil Sparkys. They move along a path, though they move much slower.
Jumping Piranha Plant --- Jumping Piranha Plants are just like other Piranha Plants, except they have no stem and jump out of pipes!
Jumping Pumpkin Plant --- These guys come out of pipes and are relatively harmless. However, Mario cannot jump on them.
Koopa Troopa 200 The standard Koopa. They will leave their shells once hit, and their shells can be kicked. They come on different colors.
Lakitu 200 Lakitus are enemies that float on a cloud. They'll hurl Spinys at Mario, though they hurl coins when a P-Switch is activated.
Lava Bubble --- Lava Bubbles are little bits of fire that jump out of lava. They jump out at random.
Lil Sparky --- This enemy is found in castle scenarios only. They'll move among the blocks that they are found around.
Magikoopa 200 Magikoopas are sorcerers of magic. They'll blast a trio of different magical shapes at Mario.
Mask Koopas 200 Mask Koopas are Koopas with different heads after all the levels have been completed. They come in a vareity of colors.
Mask Paratroopas 200 Mask Paratroopas are just like Mask Koopas. They have wings and fly back and forth.
Mechakoopas 200 Mechakoopas are robotic, miniature versions of a Bowser like creature. They move around and can be thrown, although they come back to life.
Mega Mole --- Mega Moles are gigantic versions of Monty Moles. Mario can jump on them and use them as a moving platform.
Monty Mole 200 Monty Moles pop out of the ground at random. Once above ground, they run around trying to damage Mario.
Muncher --- Munchers are found on the ground. They're tiny black plants that bite everything they touch.
Ninji 200 Ninjis are somewhat like Fuzzys in appearance, except they run along the ground and jump.
Para-Bomb 200 A Bomb-Omb the floats down on a parachute...knock it down and it'll explode.
Para-Goomba 200 A standard Goomba with a parachute. 1 hit to knock of the parachute; 2 hits and he'll be taken care of!
Paratroopas 200 Para-Troopas are nothing more than Koopas with wings. They take to the skies and generally move either up and down or side to side.
Pidgit Bill 200 These guys are a bit different...they're like Bullet Bills, but in a bird form! They're shot out of Bill Blasters.
Piranha Plant 200 Piranha Plants are nothing more than plants that come out of pipes. Their sharp teeth don't allow Mario to jump on them.
Pokey --- Pokeys are tall, tall enemies. They are full of spikes throughout their whole body, and they can throw themselves at Mario.
Porcu-Puffer --- These guys are nothing more than big fish! Well, they do have some spikes on them...
Rex 200 A Rex is a purple dinosaur that patrols the ground. After 1 jump they flatten halfway but will continue to chase Mario.
Reznor --- Reznor is a boss in secret fortresses. There's 4 rhinos atop a spinning platform. Knock them off by hitting their platforms wile the bridge below starts to collapse.
Rip Van Fish 200 Feeling lazy? All Rip Van Fish start out sleeping. When Mario gets near them, they'll wake up and chase him until. When Mario gets too far away, they'll go back to sleep.
Spike Top 200 Spike Tops are like Spinys, but they have only a single spike. Their hard shell also protects them, and they climb up walls.
Spiny 200 Spinys are thrown form Lakitus but also found on the ground. Mario cannot kill them by jumping on them due to their spikes.
Sumo Brother 200 A Sumo Brother is a large and in charge kind of guy. He stands among blocks and with a mighty stomp, unleashes a hellfire storm.
Super Koopa 200 Super Koopas are Koopas without shells. They wear a cape and fly through the air. Those with a shiny cape will yield a feather once Mario defeats them.
Swooper 200 Swoopers are green bats that are found on the ceilings of caves. When Mario approaches their area, they fly down and try to hit him.
The Big Boo --- The Big Boo is somewhat of a boss, but at the same time, is somewhat of a harder enemy. He can defeated by getting hit with blocks.
Thwimp --- Thwimps are miniature Thwomps. They hang out on the grounds of castles and jump left and right.
Thwomp --- Thomps are an enemy we all know of. They hang out on the ceilings of castles and fall when Mario approaches.
Torpedo Ted --- Not quite Bullet Bills, Torpedo Ted is only found underwater as the counterpart to Bullet Bills.
Urchin --- Urchins are fish-like creatures with spikes. They move around swiftly in set paths, mainly around land-walls.
Volcano Lotus --- Volcano Lotuses are disguised as plants on the ground. When Mario approaches them, they'll spit 4 balls of fire.
Wiggler 200 Wigglers are rather large enemies. Jumping on one will anger it and make it turn red, sending it into a rage against Mario.