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Items in Mario Kart DS

Mass panic! Items are one of the things that separate the Mario Kart series from other racing series, adding constant new elements to each race.

Players get items by going through Item Boxes. While they appear at random, they also depend on your race position. If you are way back, you'll get the best items. If you're in the front, good items are hard to come by.

Some of these items can be held (dragged). Others can only be used.

Here is the list of items appearing in Mario Kart DS.

Bananas will cause players to spin out when they are drove over. You can drop them or throw them ahead. These can be held, which is great because it gives them the ability to be used to block shells or other items.
Bloopers are new to Mario Kart DS. Use one of these to cause other players to have ink squirted all over their screen. The ink spots are produced on the screen at random, and they'll temporarily blind other players.
Bomb-Ombs are also new to Mario Kart DS. These little guys will cause a huge blast, whether they are hit or not. Like Bananas, these can be dropped behind or thrown ahead. Bomb-Ombs can also be held, but will explode if hit.
Are you ever in a position where you're thinking "I wish I had that item."? Well, use a Boo to become invisible and steal items from another player, although it's not up for choice. While invisible, a player can not be hit.
Bullet-Bills are another new item to Mario Kart DS. Use one to change into a Bullet-Bill and go flying down the track past your opponents, taking out  anyone that stands in your way. "Bill Blaster! Go Faster!"
Fake Item Box
Fake Item Boxes look just like real boxes, except they aren't. When a player crashes into one, he or she will spin out. These are great when laid near a real item box to confuse players. These can also be held and used to defend against items.
Golden Mushroom
Sometimes a player just needs an extra burst of speed. Golden Mushrooms take speed to another level, providing the player with unlimited boosts for a short period. These are great for going off course and can create big leads.
Green Shell
These are the standard attacking item and are the most common. These shoot in straight lines and will bounce of walls. These can be shot in front of or behind the player. They can also be dragged for protection.
Zap! Using one of these will shock your opponents - they'll shrink in size. Unlike other Mario Kart games, a bigger player cannot crush a smaller player when one is used. Smaller players will not have as much speed.
These will make a player big. Not really, it's not that kind of Mushroom like in other Mario games. These Mushrooms will give the player an extra burst of speed. These are great for cutting across off road paths and passing someone.
Red Shell
Red Shells are the upgraded form of Green Shells. Once shot, these will follow a player until he or she is actually hit. These break when they hit walls. These can he held and used for protection.
Spiny Shell
Spiny Shells are a combination of Bomb-Ombs and Red Shells. Throw one of these and the person in the lead will get hit with an explosion. The explosion will hit all people within it's reach like a Bomb-Omb.
Protection and speed: A deadly combination. That's what a player gets when he or she uses one of these. A Star makes the player temporarily invincible from everything and makes the player faster.
Triple Bananas
These are simply 3 bananas. Nothing else. These provide even more obstacles for drivers to get around. Locating these in certain spots will cause trouble for the other players.
Triple Green Shells
These are simply 3 Green Shells. When used, the creating a circling wall around the player for protection. This allows for players to bump into others and spin them out instead of only shooting at them (Triple Green Shells can be shot).
Triple Mushrooms
These are simply 3 Mushrooms. Each will give a separate burst of speed. Because one can be used right after the other, going off the road for longer distances can be done. It's also good for making up space between players.
Triple Red Shells
These are simply 3 Red Shells. Like Triple Green Shells, these will form a circling wall around the player for protection. This is a very good item because you can hit 3 opponents easily.