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Mini Games in New Super Mario Bros.

Unlike previous Super Mario Bros. games, New Super Mario Bros. has mini games. Unfortunately, most of these are the same as those found in Super Mario 64 DS, although there are a few new and good ones.
Action Mini Games
Snowball Slalom
This mini game is the same as the one found in Super Mario 64 DS. The object of the game is to get a snowball down the hill before times runs out. Just make sure you watch out for all the obstacles laid out through the course!
Lakitu Launch
This mini game is also the same one that is in Super Mario 64 DS. For some reason, Lakitus wanted to have Spinies shot into hollowed out shells. Well, the only way to do that is to take the slingshot in hand and launch the Spinies!
Danger, Bomb-Omb! Danger!
This mini game is one of the new ones not found in Super Mario 64 DS. The object of this game is to control a Bomb-Omb with the touch screen and avoid the fireballs. Oh, yeah, there's also a big Bowser statue waiting with a flame coming out of his mouth...
Ever gone to an arcade and seen that famous Whack-A-Mole game? Of course, Nintendo needed to embody the spirit of the game, which they did. Whack Monty as many times as you can, but make sure you don't smack Luigi! I wonder why he would be in the dirt in the first place...
Balloon Racing
This mini game is very interesting, and very, very different. No touch screen here. Instead, this game uses the DS's microphone. Yoshi has a bunch of balloon strapped to him and wants to reach the sky. Blow hard, blow fast, just don't hit a Shy Guy!
Puzzle Mini Games
Wanted! is another game that's originally seen in Super Mario 64 DS. Someone's been in trouble recently, and it's up to the player to catch them! Of course, in any case, there's others there to get in the way. Make sure to find the right person!
Which Wiggler?
Terrible tempers run rampant, so making Wiggler mad doesn't help. The goal of this mini game is to pick out the Wiggler that matches the one they show. Of course, they'll be in different positions and stuff, only trying to make it harder.
Hide And Boo Seek
Boos are hiding....and it's up to the player to find them! The lights go out, and the stylus serves as a flashlight, uncovering the black of night. There's only a few seconds, so speed's important. Don't Boos like to come out and scare people instead of hiding?
Puzzle Panel
This is the true puzzle game. The object is to match your puzzle with the puzzle on the top screen. The puzzles themselves consist of tiles that have 2 sides, and when one is touched, the adjacent tiles will flip over.
A Coin Purse is up top, and he's about to rip open and let a rain storm of coins fall down. Luckily, there's blocks to catch the coins, but they're covered! Simply touch the blocks with the coins, but make sure that blocks without coins remain covered.
Table Mini Games
Memory Match
One of the classic mini games, Memory Match transcends Mario itself, although this game did show up in Super Mario 64 DS and in the original Mario Party. Simply match 2 of the cards, though they are flipped down to start.
Picture Poker
Anyone up for a game of 5-Card Draw? This is simply a true poker game, minus the fact that there are 5 of each card instead of the standard four. The best hand wins, so if you think you got it, bet more coins!
This game is quite the interesting game. It's like Memory Match, but it's not Memory Match. A lot of cards (face up) will be laid out on the table, and the player needs to match cards vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Eliminate all the cards to win!
Mario's Slides
Unless you have a real issue with Mario, you're not going to want to send him into the Piranha Plants! The goal of this game is to guide Mario by drawing slides to let him reach the Power Star, though one wrong slide leads him to those plants!
Sort of 'Splode
'Splode. Not explode, 'splode. The ironic thing is that my friends and I were already calling it that way before this game. The point of this game is to guide the red Bomb-Ombs to the red area and the black Bomb-Ombs to the black area before the explode.
Bounce and Trounce
Time to let Mario go into a freefall. The goal of the game is to have Mario gain points by bouncing on multiple Fly Guys in the air. Oh yeah, there's also 3 Mario's going for the Fly Guys, so be fast and don't let any fall through!
Bomb-Omb Squad
Apparently, there's a world out there were parachuting Bomb-Ombs all of a sudden decided to fall from the sky and destroy a garden. Never saw it coming. But the only lines of defense is the slingshot - knock 'em out of the air!
Trampoline Time
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Actually, that's what Shysters from Super Mario RPG are known for, though Mario seems to have decided to do the same thing! There's going to be a lit up area he wants to go to, and the only way to get him there is to draw lines which form trampolines!