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New Super Mario Bros. Review (DS)

The Super Mario Bros. series is one of the greatest of all kind - if not the best. Scratch that. The Super Mario Bros. series is one of the greatest of all kind, minus New Super Mario Bros. Can you say disappointment?

Let's save Peach again from Bowser - the SMB series standard (other than Super Mario Bros. 2). Simple, but a very effective storyline, and yet, Nintendo managed to mess with it. Baby Bowser kidnapping Peach? At first I thought it was just for the rest of the world...but no, it was for the whole game. Remember back when - when you rushed at the end of the 4th level to beat down one Bowser for the nth time? Keep remembering, because you're not going to get to. You're going to get new age bosses which seem randomly placed and provide no challenge.

Hold right, press A to jump, press B to shoot Fireballs. Good times, good times. At least this is realized through New Super Mario Bros. - at least it stuck to its roots. Unfortunately, Nintendo had to go and expand on it. Most aren't too bad, but some are Take a new item, the Mega Mushroom. Get one and run, that's all. You can get infinite of these through the game through Mushroom Houses. Congratulations, you just spent 30$ to hold down the right part of the D-Pad of your DS. It's not to say the gameplay is horrible...but with the new additions, there's no challenge. The idea of the triple jump just didn't work, but the wall bounce was a good addition.

Remember when pixels dominated? Well, you can't expect that from this game, which is understandable. The game has 3-D within 2-D. As in, Mario is 3-Dimensional, as are enemies, in a flat level. Those same levels are very vivid in color, but I thought they could have been more detailed. Unfortunately, there is no real visuals that are 8-bit like the originals, which I was hoping to see - it would've given the game a nice edge.

Overworld, Underground, Star, Level Complete, etc. Play one of those themes and most people will know what they are. Unfortunately, this is not the case in New Super Mario Bros. - I'll be straight up: The music is terrible. Everything needs work - it's like they quickly put it together. The only main themes kept are the Star theme and the Underground theme, which only one of which turned out decent (Star theme). All the original tracks are very, very disappointing.

One of the great things throughout the series is that you can just pick up any of the games and just play them no matter how many times you've played through them before. This game...well, you can't. The levels are just too easy. Get hit? No problem, because 5 seconds later you're getting an item. One good thing, however, is that each worlds has it's own theme, such as grass, desert, ice, etc. But the levels within the worlds are somewhat they're not the most fun to play over.

I was so hyped for this was such a let down. If you've never seriously played the SMB series, you might enjoy this game more than I did. If you love classics like I do, you'll see this game will never, never compare to previous Super Mario Bros. games.

Overall Score: 7.7/10