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Rec Room in Super Mario 64 DS

The Rec Room, the place to take a break from the main adventure to play some mini games. Each of the 4 characters has their own set of mini games. Some are defaults, others are unloackable by catching the rabbits found throughout the game.
Yoshi's Mini Games
Ever heard the quote "My Dear Watson"? Time to put on your sleuthing hat, because in this mini game, the object is to find the person who's wanted! Of course, they get harder as they go on, and there's always other suspects out there...
Loves Me...?
Honestly, this is the most pointless and stupid mini game there is. I mean, really, who wouldn't love me? But seriously, all there is to do is pick the petals of a flower. Occasionally it'll turn up as loves me, other times not.
Hide and Boo Seek
Luigi's supposed to be the one hunting ghosts (a la Luigi's Mansion), but it seems as though Yoshi will be taking over for a little while. In this game, the screen will go black and the stylus is used to scratch it off - just make sure to reveal the ghost!
Puzzle Panel and warm. This game is truly a puzzle. There's only 1 turn available to match up the puzzle to the puzzle on the other screen. Hitting a tile will turn all the adjacent tiles on their other sides, so think before you touch the wrong one!
Boom Box
Not quite the musical kind of boom box. This game is nothing more than a standard Memory Match game. This one has 6 different treasure chests (although ore come on higher levels), and that makes a total of 3 matches. Strategic guessing will help on this mini game!
Tox Box Shuffle
"Guess which one, 10 dollars. Costs 5 to play. 1 guess, which is the Queen of Spades?" - ever seen a movie where a guy has 3 cards and shuffles them quick and has someone else guess which card is the card he wants? Well, that's like this - the boxes move Yoshi around (getting faster) and the object is to guess which he is under
Which Wiggler?
This game is very simple to understand. The objective is simple: Touch the Wiggler on the bottom screen with the stylus that matched the Wiggler on the top screen. There's a time limit, so look closely to make sure you got the right one!
Think back to Super Mario Bros. 3 for a second. You're low on lives, but you come across one of those nifty blue spaces with a Spade in it. Remember the matching game with sliding cards to get lives? Welcome back
Puzzle Panic
This game is the same as Puzzle Panel...except much harder. The concept is the same: match the puzzles on the bottom and touch screen. Problem is, these are much bigger, so more careful thinking must be used!
Mario's Minigames
Mario's Slides
Mario's first mini game is very basic. Simply navigate Mario's head to the Power Star by connecting lines with the stylus for his head to travel on, that's all. Oh, yeah, make a wrong move, and the lovely Piranha Plants will have a nice meal
Bounce and Pounce
This is a very, very fun mini game to play. Mario will be flying...sort of. Actually, he'll be freefalling down. The goal is to have him hit the Fly Guys to gain points. Only problem is that if he's going to miss, he'll need to be touched with the Stylus to rocket back up. Did I forget to mention that there are 3 Mario's at once instead of one?
Sort or 'Splode
'Splode. Ironically, my friends and I don't say "Explode" but instead say 'Splode. Anyways, there's a lot of Bomb-Ombs in this game. The objective is to move the black Bomb-Ombs into the black area and the red Bomb-Ombs into the red area
Trampoline Time
Another really fun mini game, Trampoline Time takes Mario to the building area. It's dark outside, and Mario wants to go into the light on the sides of the metal railings. Draw trampolines with the stylus to keep him up - if all of them disappear, he'll be falling off the screen!
Shuffle Shell
Pretty cold up in Canada, eh? Shout out to all the Canadians out there, because curling makes its appearance in a video game. Yes, curling. I don't actually know if Canadians play this sport a whole lot (at least compared to my favorite sport Hockey and Lacrosse), but I do know it's more popular there than here. Anyways, use panels to hit a Koopa shell into the target zone. The more in the middle, the more points it's worth!
Bounce and Trounce
Hooray for more fun games! Bounce and Trounce is like Bounce and Pounce (heck, their names are nearly the same!) in the fact that Mario will be bouncing off Fly Guys. 'Cept, this time, they're smaller, the move around, and they appear in different spots!
Connect The Characters
I've always wanted to own a Yoshi bobblehead, and I get my chance here. This game is like Mario's Slides, except there's no Piranha Plants or Stars. Instead, there's 2 Mario Heads and 2 Yoshi Heads that need to be matched up
Shell Smash
Bowling, anyone? You don't need to be on the PBA Tour to do well in this game, 'cause it's not really bowling. Instead, there's a bunch of red shells in a pin formation. Bust 'em up by smashing a green shell into them. There's 5 shots, and hitting green shells on green shells is worth more!
Trampoline Terror
Let's step it up from the other Trampoline. This time, it's a lot harder. Instead of getting into a certain area, Mario must get into rings from both touch screens. More rings = more points when used in a combo!
Luigi's Mini Games
Memory Match
Simply a classic, though it's not all the fun. Luigi will throw out some cards, and obviously, they need to be matched. 2 is a pair, and to start, 4 pairs clears the board. Be careful not to lose all the coins you bet!
This game is a little bit more unique...instead of matching the cards, you have to pair the cards to eliminate them. Pairs that can be eliminated can be lined up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This game can get difficult at the end since you don't want to leave an unpaired card
Picture Poker
This is in my opinion, the best mini game. Simply poker, nothing more. 5-Card Draw styled. Certain combinations results in the different amounts of coins you can win per bet. Regular poker rules apply here, except for 5 of the same card (There's no such thing in real poker!)
Mushroom Roulette
Hooray for more "gambling." This game is your standard roulette table. You can divvy up your coins on one space, multiple spaces, or the lines between the spaces. To win, the ball must land in the area of your bet
Mario Slot
What's cool about this game is all the classic references just found on the machine. This game is nothing more than standard slots with a Mario theme. This game can be more difficult to win because more luck is involved
Lucky Stars
This game is luck, completely. There is no skill in this game whatsoever. Luigi will deal 2 cards, and the goal is to pick the highest one. A hot streak comes in handy here, and this game can easily go good or bad for players
Pair-A-Gone and On
This game is the exact same as Pair-A-Gone. Like last time, cards can be paired in three different ways: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. The only difference between this game and the other one is that it goes on forever
Memory Master
More classics, though this game raises the stakes from the good 'ol Memory Match. This time, Luigi will deal out more cards and a few will flip over to give a head start. Clear 'em all to win, but make sure you know where they are first!
Super Mario Slot
Unfortunately, there's hardly any change from the first slot game that Luigi has. Everything is the same, including the retro parts. The only difference is that a special star slot is there, which serves as a wild card. 3 of these stars give 20 times the bet
Wario's Mini Games
Bomb-Omb Squad
For some odd reason, Wario decided to plant some flowers on the ground. Even stranger, there's parachuting Bomb-Ombs trying to destroy them. Use the slingshot to knock them down, and hitting the Lakitu will cause all the Bomb-Ombs to explode
Snowball Slalom
Well, it's not quite like the star in the game where you need to roll the snowball, but the point is virtually the same. Using the touch screen, roll the snowball upwards to make it bigger and faster as the goal line apporaches
Bingo Ball
This game combines Bingo and Pinball. Shoot a ball up, and let it come down. It'll hit a number within the range of 1-9. That number will light up on a board, and 3 in a row is what the goal is. Unfortunately, a lot of this game is luck, though there is some skill involved with how hard the ball is initially hit
The first thing you want to do is look at the screen, because a Coin Purse will soon drop coins down. The coins will fall into blocks, but since they are covered, a good memory is needed. Once all of them has fallen into blocks, simply touch the ones with coins!
Psyche Out!
Relaxing music, huh? This game is kind of like Luigi's Lucky Stars, except you're trying to make a match with a card flipped outside down. However, this time, if you look carefully, you can see the shape within the card! They'll get harder, but they can be matched!
Slots Shot
This game is like Bingo Ball, but it is different. Instead of a bingo grid, there is a slot machine. Using the balls given, one needs to go into a Piranha Plant to open up the bars covering the pipe. The pipe leads to a switch to activate the slots - 3 in a row's a winner!
Lakitu Launch
Well, at least Wario isn't planting anymore flowers. This game is like Bomb-Omb Squad, except the slingshot isn't used to knock things out of the air. Instead, there's Spinys on the slingshot, and they need to be shot into the hollowed out Koopa Shell that the Lakitus are holding
Intense Coincentration
Unfortunately, there is only 1 change in this game from the regular Coincentration. Instead of the usual amount of coins that the Coin Purse lets out, it'll let out much less, making it harder to guess which blocks hold coins
Giant Snowball Slalom
More of the same games...why not new ones? Anyways, this game is the same the other Snowball Slalom, except it's much larger. Along the way, there's also more rocks as well as Penguins, so be careful while pushing that snowball!