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Tetris DS Review (DS)

Take 4 blocks, and connect them in a bunch of different ways. What do you get out? The great classic game Tetris. On the DS, it's even better. Seriously though, who thought that using 4 blocks would create a cultural phenomenon?

Tetris DS is a game for the ages, taking an old classic in Tetris and restoring with great praise. This game has a heavy old school theme, and a lot of it is Mario based, though Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Balloon Fighter also make their re-appearances in the game. Tetris DS offers a lot for both old Tetris fans and new Tetris fans, and like always, those long vertical pieces are nice to have.

Tetris is an extension of the word Tetra, meaning 4. That's why all the blocks are combinations of four, and an actual Tetris is clearing 4 lines at once. The simple concept of it makes the game play easy to understand, and yet, it's just too much fun for its own good. All a player needs to do is place and rotate blocks to create solid horizontal lives, that's all. Tetris DS also offers the feature of storing a block for later use, which can come in very handy when a player hits a jam. The game also stuck to it's roots - it doesn't use the touch screen for the traditional Standard Mode!

And of course, they needed to add something. Well, they did: 5 new modes. Each new mode is really unique and cool, and offers a different spin on the Tetris world. There's a mode that's like a battle mode, and there's a mode that uses the touch screen. Each mode expands from the original Tetris format, but while it keeps its roots, it also create new challenges and goals. Many of them are also very unique and will give old school fans new things to try.

One of the most remarkable things in the game is it's visuals. Seriously, they managed to make blocks look better than before, and each level has a little game play scene of an old school game on the top screen. Even more remarkable is the quality of the music in the game. They took old school tracks, such as the original Zelda theme and Mario theme, and made them very nice. All of the music is old school, and it's very nice to listen to.

With all the different modes and nice visuals and nice audio, Tetris DS lasts a long time. Seriously, it does. A player can replay modes and such hundreds of times without getting bored, because it's that good. And not to forget WiFi, because players can also play others online. The WiFi really is great because it's very fun to play, and a head to head battle with Tetris is a really easy thing to understand and do.

Tetris DS is not a good game, it's a great game. It took old school and revived it, but threw in some new school and did it beautifully. You just don't find games like this everywhere.

Overall Score: 9.4/10