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Mario Kart: Super Circuit tracks

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is a fusion of old school Mario Kart and new school. The game has a new set of tracks and includes all the old tracks from Super Mario Kart.

To unlock the tracks from Super Mario Kart, a Gold Trophy must be obtained in each cup. 100 coins must also be collected through the few races in each cup. Afterwards, pressing L or R on the menu screen with all the tracks will give players an option of playing the Snes tracks.

In keeping order with the game, the cups are as following: Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Lightning Cup, Star Cup, Extra Mushroom Cup, Extra Flower Cup, Extra Lightning Cup, Extra Star Cup.

Mushroom Cup
Peach Circuit
This is the first track in the Mushroom Cup. It's a short track and relatively easy to navigate on. There's very few obstacles, if not any at all. There's a few turns and not many tricky curves. This is a great beginners course.
Shy Guy Beach
The first off road track in Mushroom Kingdom, Shy Guy Beach takes place in the sand. It kind of resembles Koopa Beach from Super Mario Kart. This course is very simple to navigate, it's just a circle.
Riverside Park
Riverside Park is by far the hardest track in the Mushroom Cup. It includes a few actual jumps which become vital for a driver to come in first. Riverside Park is also the longest track in this cup.
Bowser's Castle 1
Lava, Flames, and lots of Fire. That pretty much describes Bowser's Castle 1. It's a shorter track with some jumps over lava. It's not as long as Riverside Park but is up there in difficulty.
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit is the standard track for most Mario Kart games, and Super Circuit is no exception. There's a few turns, but some of them can make the track more difficult than it seems.
Boo Lake
Boo Lake is a course that has many different things within it. It has some turns and it has some jumps, and it's completely made out of wood. It's not that long and it's not that hard.
Cheese Land
This course is just a tad bit different. It has many turns and a loop around, and is a little bit slippery. Oh yeah, and one more thing: The whole track is made completely out of cheese.
Bowser's Castle 2
Time for another Bowser's Castle level, and it's at the end of another cup. This track uses gaps and turns to make things harder than it's counterpart. It's also one of the hardest in the Flower Cup.
Lightning Cup
Luigi Circuit
The first thing that's noticeable is the rain. In fact, this course is the only one that has rain. This course can become difficult with many turns, and because of the rain, puddles to spin out on.
Sky Garden
Time to take racing to the clouds, and that's exactly what Sky Garden brings to the table. This course is very narrow and long, and if a player falls over the edge of the clouds, will be placed far behind.
Cheep Cheep Island
Another beach course that's just a little bit harder than Shy Guy Beach. Cheep Cheep Island is a very long course. It's not a real difficult track to navigate, but some turns can give some problems.
Sunset Wilds
It's a very interesting name, isn't it? Sunset Wilds takes the Mario Kart Drivers through them ol' western places. And of course, where there's a western area, there's plenty of cactuses: Don't get poked!
Star Cup
Snow Land
Let's hope that the drivers have some good brakes and tires, because Snow Land's icy terrain will have them slipping out all over the place. The holes in the ice can also be tricky.
Ribbon Road
Ribbon Road?! Ribbon Road?! What happened to Rainbow Road? Regardless, Ribbon Road replaces is just a name, there's still a Rainbow Road. This track is very quick with long, straight paths and sharp turns.
Yoshi's Desert
It's getting hot in the desert. This track will take all the Mario Kart drivers on a little tour made up of sandy dunes with pyramids. Oh yeah, there's also some pools of water to be found in this desert.
Bowser's Castle 3
May as well complete the trifecta of Bowser's Castle levels. Like always, lava and fire can be found here, so drivers can get burned if they fall in. This course also contains a few more straight-aways.
Special Cup
Lakeside Park
Lakeside Park is the start of the Special Cup, and can be very difficult. There's a lot of quick turns with ramps on the end of them. There's also a few jumps that need to be cleared.
Broken Pier
This track is very unforgiving. It's made of wood and is somewhat lengthy. There's a bunch of areas to fall off from, and with hairpin turns and ramps, it may happen a lot.
Bowser's Castle 4
Finally, the last of the Bowser's Castle levels, and they went out with a bang. This track has many lava pits without ramps, rough terrain, and has many Thwomps and Koopas to avoid.
Rainbow Road
The classic finishing track, Rainbow Road is very difficult. There's plenty of turns, and the course is very lengthy. The sides of the track are completely lined with ramps, so falling off is easy.
Extra Mushroom Cup
Mario Circuit 1
The first ever Mario Kart track makes its return in the Extra Mushroom Cup. This is the easiest track you can play: a few turns and straight-aways. It's also very, very small.
Donut Plains 1
Dirt, and lot's of it. There's also some grass. Donut Plains 1 has many big turns which can be very difficult to stay on the road when taking one. This track is very simplistic, however.
Ghost Valley 1
Ghost Valley 1 is home for Boos. This course is made of wood, and the edges are titles that can be destroyed when bumped into. There's a few ramps that'll have drivers going airborn over gaps.
Bowser's Castle 1
As if 4 Bowser's Castle levels weren't enough for new tracks. This Bowser's Castle has a lot of gaps, so many drivers can fall into the lava. There's also some tricky turns.
Extra Flower Cup
Mario Circuit 2
Time to upgrade from Mario Circuit 1. This track has a lot of curves and turns, and towards the end, has a major ramp that'll send drivers flying through the air over part of the track.
Choco Island 1
Chocolate! Choco Island 1 is a very, very simple track. A circle - that's all. Nothing more except a few puddles of mud. When a driver goes over mud, the driving becomes slippery.
Ghost Valley 2
Another place for Boos to appear. Ghost Valley 2 is a step up from the original Ghost Valley track. There's a few more turns and it's slightly bigger. Watch out, it's also easier to fall off.
Donut Plains 2
Donut Plains 2 is a major upgrade from Donut Plains 1. This course is very large and has very wide turns, making it hard not to slide on the grass. There's also a lake near the beginning.
Extra Lightning Cup
Bowser's Castle 2
This Bowser's Castle level contains dead ends and many lava gaps, so it is vital not to fall in. There's also a few forks in the road. It's a very simple track otherwise, and is relatively short in length.
Mario Circuit 3
Another Mario Circuit level. This one doesn't have any big jumps like the previous one, but it has a lot of turns. The turns can cause a lot of off-roading and can make the track difficult.
Koopa Beach 1
This level is a giant circle of water and sand. While a driver can go over water, it slows everyone down. Caution is needed because there are some pools of deep water that'll make drivers fall through.
Choco Island 2
This Choco Island level is a step up from the 1st Choco Island level. It's very simple - it's just a circular track. The only difficulty is a giant puddle of mud in the middle of the track.
Extra Star Cup
Vanilla Lake 1
Time to take Mario Kart to the ice. Obviously, with ice, this track will cause drivers to slip when driving, especially when making turns. There's also some parts where the ice is broken and there are deep puddles.
Bowser's Castle 3
More lava and fire anyone? This Bowser's Castle level has an incredible amount of lava pits to avoid, as well as some splitting of the track into lanes. It's length is also more than a typical Bowser's Castle level.
Mario Circuit 4
This Mario Circuit is nothing special - there's really only one thing that makes it difficult: a lot of wide, quick turns. The track itself is only medium in length and causes no other real problems.
Donut Plains 3
This track takes it to a new level from it's counterparts. Donut Plains 3 has a lot of turns that are very wide. Part of the bridge is out and parts of the road become extremely narrow with quick turns.
Extra Special Cup
Koopa Beach 2
Time for another beach level. This Koopa Beach level has a lot of water to overcome while driving, and a lot of deep puddles. There's also a little island in the middle of the water.
Ghost Valley 3
This Ghost Valley level is harder than it's previous 2 counterparts. The track contains many holes in it and has some quick turns. It's about medium when considered in length.
Vanilla Lake 2
More ice! Vanilla Lake 2 is quite the hard track to navigate. This track's ice causes many problems, and it's inner boundary is ridged and full of water. There's also many ice blocks that get in the way.
Rainbow Road
It's a good way to finish: Rainbow Road. This track is different than other tracks of it's kind - it's all tiles. There's no edge, and with all its quick turns, drivers can easily fall off.