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Mario Superstar Baseball characters

Mario Superstar Baseball has a ton of different characters, each in their own group. With so many, everyone can create great teams!

To get some of these characters, you'll need to do something in Challenge Mode. Each has his or her own missions to accomplish

This list is composed of all the characters. However, this is how they are in Exhibition Mode. For example, Bowser Jr. is a captain in Exhibition, but not in challenge. However, the teams mentioned are the teams they are on in Challenge Mode because team names change often in Exhibition

The Captains in Exhibition (in order) are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, DK, Bowser, Daisy, Birdo, Walugi, Diddy, Wario, and Bowser Jr..

Balanced Characters

Birdo is a balanced player that's available in the game. She is  a captain, and worthy of one. Her special hit & pitch is the Wierd Ball, which will have the ball bouncing all over the field in all directions. She is part of the Yoshi Islanders team.


Daisy is the counterpart to Peach in all aspects. She is one of the 10 captains. Her special hit and pitch is the Flower Ball which causes the ball to disappear for a short period of time. She is part of the Peach Monarchs.


Simply just a lonely Goomba who's decent at everything. Goomba has no real special for hitting or fielding. He is part of the DK Kongs and is a starting character.

Koopa Troopa

Simply just a lonely Koopa Troopa who's average at anything baseball. Koopa Troopa has 2 total colors: red and green. Changing the color changes the abilities. He also has no real special and is part of the DK Kongs.


Luigi is the equivalent of Mario. After all, they are brothers. Luigi is a captain with the special hit and pitch of Green Fireball, which is very effective. Luigi is on the Mario Sunshines and is a great player to use.


The one we all know and love, Mario is a captain and one of the best players. He's very similar to Luigi in most terms. His special is the Red Fireball and is very effect. He is the leader of the Mario Sunshines team.

Shy Guy

Shy Guy is a decent player, but not necessarily a great one. He has 5 different colors which change his stats slightly - Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow. Shy Guy has no real special and is part of the Yoshi Islanders.


Mario's good ol' assistant. Toad makes his presence felt on the field. He's decent at all parts of the game, but he has no real special hit or pitch. Toad comes in 5 colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow - changing the colors gives him different stats. He is on the Peach Monarchs.

Power Characters

Ever needed a homerun? Look no further, because Bowser can provide it. Bowser is excellent at hitting, but not so much fielding. He's the captain of the Bowser Monsters. Bowser's special is the Killer Ball.

Bowser Jr.

Not quite Bowser, but still effective. Bowser Jr. is another power hitter waiting for the perfect pitch to blast out of the park. He's part of the Bowser Monsters and his special is the Killer Jr. Ball.

Donkey Kong

Another great power hitter that's only bested by Bowser. Donkey Kong has great power and pitching, along with a nasty special which will have opponents guessing: The Banana Ball. He is the leader of the DK Kongs.

Hammer Bro. / Fire Bro. / Boomerang Bro.

Hammer Bro. is one of the best characters in the game. He has 3 forms: Hammer Bro., Fire Bro., and Boomerang Bro. Each has their own special statistics and hits the ball differently. Hammer Bro. is part of the Bowser Monsters and has no real special

Hammer Bro. is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge Mode with Bowser's team, the Bowser Monsters.

King Boo

While King Boo's not busy capturing Luigi, he's playing baseball with everyone. King Boo has a nasty curve with his swings and great power. King Boo has no real special and is part of the Wario Greats.

Petey Piranha

A huge piranha plant who needs no bat, Petey Piranha has tremendous power to all fields. He hits the ball incredibly high and has no real special. He's part of the Wario Greats.

Petey Piranha is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge mode with Wario's team, the Wario Greats.


The strange inhabitant of Delfino Isle makes another appearance in this game. Pianta ihas 3 colors for different stats - Yellow, Blue, Purple. He's in the power category, and is the weakest of all in the power group. Mario Sunshines is the only team for him!


Wario is the captain of the Wario Greats and is in the power category. He's not the fleetest of foot but makes up with his hitting. His special is the Phony Ball and it'll have you seeing double!

Speed Characters
Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi is the counterpart to Baby Mario and is one of the faster characters available. His hitting suffers, but he has a great range to get to balls in the outfield or infield. Baby Luigi has is on the Yoshi Islanders and has no special.

Baby Luigi is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge Mode with Yoshi's team, the Yoshi Islanders.

Baby Mario

Baby Mario is the counterpart to Baby Luigi. He's just as fast and can cover ground quickly, but has really weak hitting. Baby Mario has no special and is on the Yoshi Islanders.

Diddy Kong

Not quite Donkey Kong, Diddy excels in other areas. He's not a power hitter but he hits for average. Like DK, his special will be flying all around - after all, it's the Boomerang Ball. Diddy is a captain and is on the DK Kongs.

Monty Mole

When Monty isn't jumping on other people's karts or popping up at Mario, he's busy running around shagging fly balls and grounders. His bat is a stick, so he's not going to hit that well. He has no real special and is on the Mario Sunshines.

Monty Mole is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge Mode with Mario's team, the Mario Sunshines.


Nokis are from Noki Bay and are here to play some baseball. Nokis come in 3 colors giving them different stats - Red, Blue, Green. They hit the ball slightly better than other speed characters, but they have no real special. They are on the Mario Sunshines.


Paragoomba is a Goomba with wings. He's relatively fast with only decent hitting, but he gets around in the field and can jump well. He has no special and is on the DK Kongs.


Toadette is one the fastest characters in the game, if not the fastest. She can bunt for hits, but her hitting overall isn't that great. She's great for fielding and has no special. Toadette is on the Peach Monarchs.

Toadette is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge Mode with Peach's team, the Peach Monarchs.


Yoshi is the captain and leader of the Yoshi Islanders. He's the best hitting speed character and is great on the field. His special is the Egg Ball which will bounce allover the field to confuse other players.

Technique Characters

Not quite King Boo, Boo will more or less try to hit the ball in play. He has some curve within his hits and not a whole lot of power. He has no special and is part of the Wario Greats.

Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong, unfortunately, does not follow up like Diddy or Donkey Kong. She's decent at hitting, and good at fielding, but she has no special. She's more of a fundamental player and is on the DK Kongs.

Dixie Kong is an unlockable character. He can be accessed by completing Challenge Mode with DK's team, the DK Kongs.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones is a pretty decent character. He's somewhat fast and can hit for average with nice fielding. He comes in 4 colors - White, Black, Red, Green. No special for him though. Dry Bones is on the Bowser Monsters.


Magikoopa is a nice player to have. He has the best range in the field from a stand-still position. He's decent at hitting, but no special to speak of. There's 4 colors to choose from - Yellow, Green, Blue, Red. Magikoopa is part of the Wario Greats.


Paratroopa is a flying counterpart to the normal Koopa Troopa. There's 2 colors to be - Green and Red which will have different stats. He's ok at hitting a fielding and can jump good. Paraytroopa has no special and is on the DK Kongs.


Peach is a great technique character and is the captain of the Peach Monarchs. She has a devastating special, the Heart Ball. Peach is also very good at fielding and is an excellent hitter.


Toadsworth is a character that is kind of useless. He's not that great at hitting or fielding. He also has no real special. Toadsworth is on the Peach Monarchs.


Waluigi is another choosable captain. He's good at fielding and pitching, and decent at hitting. He's got a very similar special to Wario - the Liar Ball. Waluigi is on the Wario greats.