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Super Mario Bros. 2 Walkthrough

Please note that this walkthrough is based on Super Mario Advance.

Super Mario Advance is not exactly like the original or Snes version, but it should work...I hope =P

Reason being, it's easy to play the game and type up the walkthrough since it is portable.

This walkthrough covers level by levels, and does not use warps.

The name of the character in parenthesis is the recommended character to use.

This walkthrough is under construction.

Level 1-1 (Toadstool)
Free fall! When starting the game, your character will immediately be falling from the sky. Well, not really the sky...a door's up there...somehow. Ever wonder how they come up with this stuff?

The first thing you need to do is just let your character fall. There'll be a door at the end of the free fall. Simply press up to enter it and go into the next area.

Now we can start the classic side scrolling. You'll notice weeds sticking out of the ground. That's the thing...there's weeds everywhere! Your character can pull them out and throw them at enemies, and sometimes special things can be pulled out of the ground.

Proceed right until you approach a vine. Jump on it and climb it by pressing up. When you get to the top, make sure to avoid the Blue Shy Guy and pick the first weed to the right. Remember those special things? Well, here's one of them: a Potion. Once thrown, a Potion will create a magical door which alters the world for a short period of time. Inside the altered world there are Mushrooms to increase health and all the weeds turn into coins for bonuses at the end of levels.

Throw the potion to your left and enter the door. Quickly grab the Mushroom and then pick the vegetables to get some coins. Keep heading right...avoiding the enemies should be nothing - they're just walking around on the ground. You'll notice cherries along the way - getting 5 will cause a Star to appear. There'll also be a POW Block which will destroy all the enemies on the ground in the immediate area.

Keep going right. You can jump on the logs falling from the waterfalls, or you can jump and hold the button because Toadstool is the one character that can float for a period of time. Head right and you'll see a door. However, there's a shortcut. See the little bouncing enemy behind the 2 Shy Guys? He's a Tweeter and is going to help us...jump on him and hold down till your character glows. When holding down and when your character starts to glow, he or she is ready to do a high jump. Jump when glowing to get higher lift.

So, you're on Tweeter and glowing. Well, wait until jumps and then use your high jump. You'll be catapulted to the higher piece of land. See the door? You would have come through there without the shortcut.

Proceed right for a bunch of weeds. The first weed is a Potion, and you need to throw it near the bundle of weeds to get a bunch of coins. Once you've gathered up the coins, climb the vine to reach the next little area.

From here on out, it's a climb to the top. Use the enemies to get to high ground or use the glow jump. There'll be a vine leading to more vines. Simply climb them all to reach the final area of the first level.

Head right and you'll see a pink enemy waiting for you. This is Birdo. Birdo is the "boss" in every level, except boss levels. This one is pink, which means something, but not until later on.

Defeating Birdo is no problem. When he opens his mouth, he'll blast out an egg. Jump on it and pick it up. Then, you just need to throw it at him. 3 hits and Birdo will be gone, spitting out a crystal. When you pick it up, which you need to, the hawk at the right will open his mouth. This guy is called Hawkmouth, and he's the exit to every level. Why? Good question...entering a hawk's mouth is kind of out there...

If you got coins, you'll get to play bonus slots. If not, you just move onto the next level.