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Super Mario Bros. 3 Items

Here are the items that appear in Super Mario. Bros 3. The pictures are from the SNES version.

Name Picture Description
» Anchor

The Airship won't go anywhere when you use this!
» Fire Flower

Gives Mario the ability to use Fire Balls.
» Froggy Suit

Turns Mario into a Frog - Great for swimming!
» Hammer

Mario can use the Hammer to break blocks.
» Hammer Suit

Let's Mario throw hammers at enemies.
» Jugem's Cloud

Use it to skip through a level.
» Mushroom

The standard item - makes Mario super!
» Music Box

Puts Hammer Bros. to sleep on the map.
» P-Wing

Let's Mario Power Meter remain full.
» Starman

Gives Mario invincibility for a few seconds.
» Super Leaf

A Super Leaf lets Mario take to the sky.
» Tanooki Suit

Lets Mario fly and turn into a statue.
» Whistle

One toot and Mario can go to different worlds.