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Super Mario Kart Drivers

Super Mario Kart features 8 total characters, each with different statistics. The drivers even have their own special abilities when they are computers. The drivers are either all around, heavy, or speedy.


Bowser is one of the largest characters in Super Mario Kart, only compared in size by Donkey Kong. Jr. He's not that fast, but if another player who is lighter bumps into him, he/she will be knocked out of the way, giving Bowser an advantage. As a computer, Bowser has the ability to spin players out with Fire Balls.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. makes a mainstream appearance in Super Mario Kart, much to the surprise of many people. DK Jr. is another heavy set character and like Bowser, will spin out/knock other players away. As a computer, Donkey Kong Jr. has the ability to throw Bananas.

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa is another surprise character to make an appearance. Koopa Troopa is very, very good at acceleration, and with his great traction, he doesn't slide out. He also has the ability to throw unlimited shells when he is a computer, and many would consider him one of the better characters.


Luigi is a very, very balanced driver with "All-Around" stats. He's not light, but he's not heavy either. His acceleration is medium, as well as his top speed. However, as a computer, Luigi can use a very, very good item to give him a speed boost for whenever he needs it: A Star.


The hero makes his racing debut in Super Mario Kart. Mario is a mirror image of his brother - he's not heavy, he's not light. His acceleration and top speed is decent, and Mario has the ability to gain some speed with a Star when he is a computer.


Toad is a very, very fast character. Actually, he's the fastest in the game! Toad also has high acceleration, but he is easy to spin out because he is so light. Toad also has good traction, and he doesn't spin out much. Toad uses Mushrooms that shrink other characters when he is a computer.

Princess Peach

Well, at least Mario won't have to save anyone in this game, because Toadstool is racing with the guys. She's fast and has tremendous acceleration, but is somewhat on the light side. A lady has to look her best right? Like Toad, she throws shrinking Mushrooms as a computer.


Yoshi probably likes to race - this time, he won't have to have Mario on his back to reach a finish line. Yoshi is somewhat fast and has great acceleration. Toadstool is just like Yoshi, except Yoshi does not throw shrinking Mushrooms. Instead, Yoshi likes to throw Yoshi Eggs.