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Yoshi's Safari review

It's not often there's a Mario First Person Shooter. In fact, it's only a one time thing, and Yoshi's Safari is just that. With a unique style, this game comes into the Mario world as a first and last.

Most Mario games have the story set in stone: Save Princess Toadstool. While most of that holds true to its roots in Yoshi's Safari, it's not exactly like that. Unlike other games, Yoshi's Safari does not take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead, it takes place in Jewel Land. And, it's not Toadtool anymore - Yoshi's Safari was the first game to refer to the Princess as Princess Peach. That doesn't really change the goal of Mario's Adventure, but not only does he have to save the Princess, he must save Jewel Land as well.

Once Mario sets out, there's a whole new way to play. Yoshi's Safari takes advantage of the Super Nintendo's Super Scope. This allows for a different feeling of gameplay - no controllers or wires. That itself is very good, because the Super Scope makes the game enjoyable with it's ease. The only real issue with it is that after the shooting, there's nothing more - it's only designed to do one thing and one thing only. Oh, and Yoshi can jump, but that's about it. Simple, effective, but a little bit too repetitive.

Visually, the game is actually quite good. The levels have a lot of vividness to them, and even objects in the far distance look good, which is good because there are often times where a player will need to shoot something in the distance. The new look enemies like ParaGoombas and such have a nice touch to them, and the overall visual appeal of the game is high.

The audio portion in Yoshi's Safari is a bit different - you won't find and classic Mario tunes here. Instead, there's a complete new set of tracks. Each level has it's own theme, some better than others. Each track is detailed nicely, and a lot of them have a good sense of the level. The only downfall from the audio is the sound effects - some of them are a bit repetitive and are a little bit on the annoying side, such as when Yoshi gets hit by an enemy.

The first time through, Yoshi's Safari for some will be great, others will hate it. And that's only because the game is different with the Super Scope. The second time through, the third time through, and so on will be different: It won't be nearly as good. That's the problem with the game - with a minimum amount of levels, and with easy levels, playing through more than once isn't the greatest thing out there. However, for a quick game to play, it's not that bad.

Yoshi's Safari is an okay game at best. It tries new things, and does some of them well. Others are sub-par.

Overall Score: 7.6/10