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Goombario's Story

Goombario's first and only appearance was in the original Paper Mario. When Mario fell from the sky after fighting Bowser, he landed near Goomba Village, which is where Goombario lives. The family of Goombas revived and took care of him.

When Mario was up and about, Goombario was one to talk to him...a lot. Why? Because he's a huge fan. Goombario loves Mario, and wants to be just like him. Goombario asks his parents if he can accompany Mario on his journey, and with their approval does so. He becomes the first of Mario's partners in Paper Mario.

Goombario is full of information and can be quite helpful during the game. His special ability is telling information on places and certain people. He's like a walking encyclopedia. In battle, that becomes very handy, because he can tell all the info about an enemy, including their HP and other vital statistics. He can also attack using Headbonk or Multibounce, both of which involve him head-butting the enemy.

He's not the strongest of partners, but he gets the job done. His Multibounce is one of the best moves in the game, it just depends on the player's ability to do Action Commands.

At the end, Goombario's had it for one adventure. He returns home to Goomba Village, playing out his adventure with his little sister Goombaria.

Other Facts

Goombario is the only partner who can charge up an attack for more damage.

Goombario's current day counterpart is Goombella.