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Mario Golf characters

Unlike most Mario sports titles, Mario Golf features additional characters other than Mario characters. Even with the Mario characters, there's a ton to choose from. Each has their own statistics, allowing for different shots to be hit, and ultimately, allowing for different play. Everyone has their own character they're best with, and here's a list of them all!

This list is in alphabetical order.

Name Shot Type Drive Distance Character Description
Baby Mario Draw + 1

215 Yards

Baby Mario is a starter character, and from a golf perspective, he's not going to be wearing the Green Jacket anytime soon. He has a bit of a draw and is relatively weak, but everyone needs to start somewhere!

Bowser Draw + 3

280 Yards

With such a huge stature, it's expected that Bowser would have a monster drive, which he does. With that, Bowser has a huge draw, which can cause some problems with obstacles.

Bowser is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Charlie Fade + 1 210 Yards Charlie is one of the characters that is independent of the Mario series. He's a starter and even weaker than Baby Mario, and overall, he's not that great compared to other characters.
Donkey Kong Fade + 3 275 Yards Donkey Kong is the parallel to Bowser, except he features a Fade shot instead of a Draw. He hits slightly less, but not by a significant amount. Along with the Fade, he hits the ball low so it's not affected by wind as much.

Donkey Kong is unlocked by obtaining 30 stars in the Ring Shot mode.

Harry Draw + 2 260 Yards Harry is actually a decent character overall, and one of the better newcomers. He hits it a good length, and unlike the major power hitters, he does not have such a big Draw or Fade.

Harry is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Luigi Fade + 2 220 Yards Well, Nintendo decided to neglect our good old green friend in this game a little bit. Luigi isn't that great. With such a low driving distance, he still manages to have quite some fade on the ball.

Luigi is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Maple Straight 245 Yards Maple is another new character new to the Mario Golf crew. She's the hardest hitting person of the straight hitters, so in that regard, she's very effective.

Maple is unlocked by getting 50 Birdie Badges in Tournament Mode.

Mario Draw + 3 270 Yards The game's named after him, so he should be good, right? Mario features great power, but his shots are affected by the wind easily. He also has a large Draw to the right.

Mario is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Metal Mario Draw + 3 285 Yards Metal Mario is the biggest hitter in the game with an impressive drive distance. He's the hardest to unlock, and he's very similar to Mario. But we all knew he'd hit the ball a mile, he's made of metal after all!

Metal Mario is unlocked by getting all 108 Birdie Badges in Tournament Mode.

Peach Straight 212 Yards The elegant princess brings out her sporty side in Mario Golf. Unfortunately, that's not a whole lot, because Peach is a pretty useless character. She's a starter with a low drive, but she does manage to keep the ball on the fairway.
Plum Straight 208 Yards Plum is another new character to the Mario Golf family. She's the worst character in the game, with the weakest drive. However, the wind doesn't affect her shots too much.
Sonny Draw + 2 240 Yards Sonny is another new character found in the game, and he's very similar to Harry. The only difference is that Sonny hits the ball 20 yards shorter

Sonny is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Wario Fade + 3 250 Yards Mario's nemesis came along for the party. Wario has an average drive, and he hits the ball with an extremely low Fade. The wind does not affect the ball that much.

Wario is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.

Yoshi Straight 230 Yards Our buddy decided to meet us up at the course. Yoshi isn't that great of a character, but he's great to use as a practice character. He doesn't hit the ball that far, but with his straight shot, he's good at avoiding obstacles.

Yoshi is unlocked by beating him in a Character Match.