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Mario Party 2 boards

Mario Party 2's game boards are some of the better ones out there in the series. Each one is of a different theme, and each character dresses up for the part. Each board has a difficulty rating out of 3.

Difficulty 1 Boards

Pirate Land

Pirate Land is a board dedicated to those who are all over in the sea. This board is relatively easy, though there is a lot of spaces on here. If a player lands on a space with a dock, the player has no choice but to pay 5 coins for a shark to take him or her to another dock. The ? spaces will send a player flying, literally - they'll be shot out of a cannon and will land back at Start. A Thwomp can also be found here, and players must pay an extra coin than other players to continue.


Western Land

Yeehaw everyone! Time to take a trip to Western Land, which is a board showing a western lifestyle. A train can be found in here, and if a player lands on a space with it, he or she is forced to pay 5 coins to take a ride on it. A block appears on the train - a Toad makes the train go forward, a Goomba makes it go backwards. The ? spaces will force the same train to go along the tracks, and any players in the way will get knocked to the Start. There's also a space where a player can pay 20 coins to call other characters to the same space.

Difficulty 2 Boards

Mystery Land

Shrouded in mystery, this board has a few things that make it harder. This board takes place in an ancient land. Once mystery is that of a curse - once a player passes a certain space, he or she can place a curse on another player, which allows them only to get a 1, 2 or 3 on the dice. There's also a strange space ship run by some Bomb-Ombs. Once a player pays 10 coins, the ship will take them to a new destination. A ? space does the same thing - the ship will take a player to a new destination, but they have no real choice of where.


Space Land

This board takes place in the final frontier: space. This board has a lot of different ways to go and a lot of different features. One of these features is the Bowser Laser. Once a player lands on a laser space, the countdown will go down by one. It starts as 5. If it fires, all the players in the way of it will lose all their coins. There's also the Snifit Patrol who will try and chase down some space guys for the price of 5 coins. The ? spaces will cause the space beings to chase after the player - the chase will go to a certain part far away.

Difficulty 3 Boards

Bowser Land (Unlockable)

Bowser Land is the home of Bowser and is the final board. This board is covered in lava and fire and has many special things that happen. Every 5 turns, the Bowser Parade comes through the board. Any player in the way of the parade will lose their coins. Players also have the option of changing the direction of the parade when they cross a booth with that option. The ? spaces cause players to jump into warp pipes which take them to different places. There's also a special shop - sometimes items are cheaper, sometimes they are more expensive.


Horror Land

Horror Land has some scary things happening in it. This board takes place in a Halloween type atmosphere. There's also day and night, which in the daytime, a player has the option to pay 5 coins to change it into night. Different things happen in each time, so changing the setting can have good and bad effects. The ? spaces cause day to change to night and night to change to day. Like Pirate Land, there's also a Thwomp. Except this time, a player must pay a flat rate of 5 coins to pass through.