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Mario Party mini-games

Mario Party has a ton of mini games to play, always having different goals to reach. There are 4 different sections of mini games. Here's a list of them all!
1 Player Mini Games
Name Description
» Ghost Guess A bunch of fake Boos and then a real one. Watch the shadows...
» Ground Pound Pound the flat logs, but don't get poked by the pointed stakes.
» Knock Block Tower A stack of Thwomps and Crates. Don't hit the Thwomps!
» Limbo Dance Time to limbo - just make sure not to stay up too high or go too low!
» Memory Match Simply pick 2 cards at a time that match.
» Pedal Power Petal fast to light up the bulb to avoid Boo.
» Shell Game 4 shells, 1 has the coins. Which one?
» Slot Machine Just an ordinary slot machine. Try to match up the icons.
» Teetering Towers Jump from tower to tower to reach the endpoint.
» Whack A Plant A bunch of Piranha Plants just waiting to be jumped on for coins.
2 vs. 2 Mini Games
Name Description
» Bobsled Run First one down the icy slope wins!
» Bombsketball Be the first to score a basket to get some coins.
» Deep Sea Divers Dive for the chests, but be sure your teammate reels you in!
» Desert Dash Left foot, right foot, left foot...
» Handcar Havoc Up & Down: Race through a lava cave with mine carts.
1 vs. 3 Mini Games
Name Descriptions
» Bash n' Cash A hammer and someone with a bunch of coins...what to do...
» Bowl Over 3 players are turned into bowling pins...and this shell looks like a ball...
» Coin Block Bash Break the blocks to get coins.
» Coin Flower Shower It's raining coins! 1 player is on the flower, the rest are out on boats.
» Crane Game Players may not be plushies, but they can still be picked up!
» Paddle Battle 1 vs 3 in paddling...try and get the other players poked by Shy Guys.
» Pipe Maze Select a pipe and watch to who the chest of coins will go to...
» Piranha's Pursuit 1 player with a skateboard, 3 are giving water to a Piranha!
» Tight Rope Treachery Balance...balance...oh wait, the other players are blasting cannonballs!
» Tug O' War A test of strength...1,2,3...pull!
4 Player Mini Games
Name Description
» Balloon Burst Pump up this Bowser Balloon until it pops!
» Bombs Away A wobbly island and a ship firing cannonballs...survival is not a given...
» Box Mountain Mayhem Break the boxes to get coins!
» Bumper Balls Knock the other players off the course.
» Buried Treasure Dig fast and find where the treasure is hidden.
» Cast Aways Fishing is so peaceful with coins in the ocean...
» Coin Block Blitz 9 boxes, all with different amounts of coins.
» Crazy Cutter Cut out the shape with a jackhammer!
» Face Lift Stretch out a character's face to make the closest match.
» Grab Bag Players and bags of coins...thieve your way to the most!
» Hammer Drop Gather the coins, but watch out for the hammers!
» Hot Bomb-Omb Pass it around until it goes off...
» Hot Rope Jump Nothing like jump roping with a flaming hot rope...
» Key-Pa-Way Teamwork is the key to unlocking the coins.
» Mario Bandstand Perform beautiful music, but make sure you play the best.
» Mushroom Mix-Up Make sure to be on the right color!
» Musical Mushroom Around...around...and the music stops. First to the chest wins!
» Platform Peril Go for the goal without falling off the platforms.
» Running Of The Bulb Don't let the Boos capture the light bulb.
» Shy Guy Says Be sure to follow what Shy Guy does!
» Skateboard Scamper Race to the finish in a skateboard course.
» Slot Car Derby Race through the mini course with your slot car - don't spin out!
» Tipsy Turvy Tilt your shell to form a picture.
» Treasure Divers Bring chests of coins to the surface.