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Super Mario World 2 levels (SNES)

There may not be 96 levels like in the original Super Mario World, but Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island features worlds that are vast and least until the Goal is reached! There's a total of 6 worlds in Yoshi's Island, with each one having a general theme. Each world has 8 levels, an extra level, and a mini-game. The extra level and a mini-game are unlocked when a player gets 100 points in each level of a world.

Here's a list of all the levels that appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island!

World 1

World 1 is the simplest of all the worlds. There's no real theme of it, other than numerous overworld and underworld/cave levels. Chomps falling from the sky are found in this world, as well as the ever familiar Donut Lifts and Fuzzies that cause Yoshi to become Dizzy. The sub-castle is guarded by Burt the Bashful, and the last castle is guarded by Salvo the Slime.

World 1 also has 1 extra level. It's a training level called Welcome to Yoshi's Island!

World 1 Levels
» Welcome to Yoshi's Island!
» Level 1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs
» Level 1-2: Watch Out Below!
» Level 1-3: The Cave Of Chomp Rock
» Level 1-4: Burt The Bashful's Fort
» Level 1-5: Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
» Level 1-6: Shy-Guys On Stilts
» Level 1-7: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
» Level 1-8: Salvo The Slime's Castle
» Extra Level: Poochy Ain't Stupid
» Extra Mini-Game: Flip Cards
World 2

World 2 is similar to World 1 in terms of its theme: There isn't a specific one! World 2 features the sporty Baseball Boys that hurl baseballs at Yoshi and a cave full of mystery. There's also a lot of Lakitus that inhabit the world. The sub-castle is home to Bigger Boo while the main castle belongs to the Potted Ghost.

World 2 Levels
» Level 2-1: Visit Koopa And Para-Koopa
» Level 2-2: The Baseball Boys
» Level 2-3: What's Gusty Taste Like?
» Level 2-4: Bigger Boo's Fort
» Level 2-5: Watch Out For Lakitu
» Level 2-6: The Cave Of The Mystery Maze
» Level 2-7: Lakitu's Wall
» Level 2-8: The Potted Ghost's Castle
» Extra Level: Hit That Switch!!
» Extra Mini-Game: Scratch 'N' Match
World 3

World 3 is different that Worlds 1 and 2. World 3 is a complete Jungle theme with lots of green. It's home to numerous amounts of monkeys, some of which spit watermelon seeds and Yoshi. The underwater life flourishes here with a few lakes. Prince Froggy guards the sub-castle while the main castle remains with Naval Pirahna.

World 3 Levels
» Level 3-1: Welcome to Monkey World!
» Level 3-2: Jungle Rhythm...
» Level 3-3: Nep-Enut's Domain
» Level 3-4: Prince Froggy's Fort
» Level 3-5: Jammin' Through The Trees
» Level 3-6: The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog
» Level 3-7: Monkey's Favorite Lake
» Level 3-8: Naval Piranha's Castle
» Extra Level: More Monkey Madness
» Mini-Game: Drawing Lots
World 4

World 4 takes Yoshi from the Jungle to the barren lands. There's a lot less green here, and a lot more orange with brown. There's a zone dedicated to Chomp Rocks, as well as a ton of different lifts and riding platforms. The sub-fort is guarded by a giant Kirby like figure: Marching Milde. The main for is guarded by Hookbill the Koopa.

World 4 Levels
» Level 4-1: Go! Go! Mario!!
» Level 4-2: The Cave Of The Lakitus
» Level 4-3: Don't Look Back!
» Level 4-4: Marching Milde's Fort
» Level 4-5: Chomp Rock Zone
» Level 4-6: Lake Shore Paradise
» Level 4-7: Ride Like The Wind
» Level 4-8: Hookbill The Koopa's Castle
» Extra Level: The Impossible? Maze
» Mini-Game: Match Cards
World 5

World 5 is full of ice and snow. There's levels where it is actually snowing, and there are levels in which the water hasn't been frozen over. Ski Lifts are everywhere in World 5, as well as a full fledged hill that Yoshi can ski down. The sub-fort is the turf of Sluggy the Unshaven while the main castle is home to the infamous Raphael the Raven.

World 5 Levels
» Level 5-1: BLIZZARD!!!
» Level 5-2: Ride The Ski Lifts
» Level 5-3: Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead
» Level 5-4: Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort
» Level 5-5: Goonie Rides!
» Level 5-6: Welcome To Cloud World!
» Level 5-7: Shifting Platforms Ahead
» Level 5-8: Raphael The Raven's Castle
» Extra Level: Kamek's Revenge
» Mini-Game: Roulette
World 6

World 6 is the last world in Yoshi's Island and home to Baby Bowser. It's a dark and evil world, the opposite of the first world. There's a lot of caves and a lot of lava, with a lot of barren like levels throughout the world. The sub-castle is home to Tap-Tap the Red Nose. The final castle in the game is where Baby Bowser holds Baby Luigi.

World 6 Levels
» Level 6-1: Scary Skeleton Goonies!
» Level 6-2: The Cave Of The Bandits
» Level 6-3: Beware The Spinning Logs
» Level 6-4: Tap-Tap The Red Nose's Fort
» Level 6-5: The Very Loooooong Xave
» Level 6-6: The Deep, Underground Maze
» Level 6-7: Keep Moving!!!!
» Level 6-8: King Bowser's Castle
» Extra Level: Castle - Masterpiece Set
» Mini-Game: Slot Machine